Knitting Through The Ages

how to knit a blanket

Let’s discuss knitting through the ages and knitting in general. Knitting has been around for centuries, and strangely enough, in the not too distant past, more men could knit than women. In more modern times, although there are a few famous knitters who are men, this hobby is now more popular with women, as they … Read more

Free Knitting PAT – Footballer Teddy

free knitting pat

Here is another free knitting pat for you to try. It’s a tough-looking footballer teddy with a removable scarf and knitted in boots and socks. But never mind he is a real softy at heart. Your grandsons would love to find this in their Xmas stocking. Free Knitting Pat How To Make The Teddy Size: … Read more

Boys Sweater Knitting Pattern For Advanced Knitters

boys sweater knitting pattern

You can make winter days brighter with this cute boys sweater knitting pattern. This pattern will suit the more advanced knitter as it is a cable knit. This post may contain affiliate links. Boys Sweater Knitting Pattern Materials Needed: For this boys sweater knitting pattern you will need: 7(8;9;9;10) 50g balls of Pingouin Family Knit … Read more

How To Knit Storage Baskets

knitting and

Here are some instructions on how to knit storage baskets. This set is useful, practical and will make an excellent gift. They are ideal for keeping all those cosmetics tidy. These storage baskets are knitted in natural cotton. How To Knit Storage Baskets This pattern will make two storage baskets. One oblong 14 x 26 … Read more

Free Knitting Patterns – Ideas You Will Love

basic knitting instructions

We are so lucky to live in this era.  You can get so much off of the internet.  If you want free knitting patterns all you need to do is search for it on the internet. Click on the pic for a free knitting patterns ebook. For example, I typed in ‘free knitting patterns’ and … Read more


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