What Is Knit A Critter And Where Can You Get Some?

knit a critter

If you are wondering what is Knit A Critter is, then you have come to the right place. So, What Is Knit A Critter or even Crochet a Critter? Knit A Critter is every non-knitting mum’s worst nightmare. Knit A Critter was a knitting craze aimed at children from the age of about seven years old. … Read more

Childrens Knitting Sets, And Why You Should Teach Children To Knit

childrens knitting sets

There are many reasons why you should teach children to knit and of course many tools you can use like the cute children’s knitting sets you can purchase online as seen at the bottom of this article. These are affiliate links, which means that I will get a small commission if you do decide to … Read more

Free Knitted Snowman Pattern Just For You

free knitted snowman pattern

This free knitted snowman pattern will only take you an evening to knit and he is kept warm with his own garter stitch hat and striped scarf.  He is approximately 20cm high. This post may contain affiliate links. How To Knit A Snowman You Will Need: 1 x 50g ball Pingouin Mist DK in white … Read more

Free Knitting Pattern Elephant

free knitting pattern elephant

Here is a free knitting pattern for an Elephant. With his floppy ears, this baby elephant is sure to become a favorite in the nursery. Free Knitting Pattern Elephant Size: The completed height will be about 25cm. Materials: Approx 100g Grey Family Knit DK 3 mm Knitting Needles Non-flammable Toy Stuffing Black Embroidery Yarn Let’s … Read more

Caron Critters And How To Get Hold Of Some

Caron critters

If you are a knitter, you have probably heard of Caron Critters, and have maybe even tried a project or two. Did you know that you can purchase Caron Critters online, and often at a fraction of the cost that you would pay in a conventional store?  The beauty of shopping online is that the … Read more

Cow Knitting Pattern – The Kid In You Will Love This One!

cow knitting pattern

It may not be something you have thought about a lot, but if you want to try this cute cow knitting pattern, here goes. The kid in you is going to love this and it is quick and easy to do. Suitable for beginner to intermediate knitters. How To Knit A Cow Knitting Pattern For … Read more


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