How To Sew An Invisible Seam For Knitters

how to sew an invisible seam

If you knit clothing, it is great to know exactly how to sew an invisible seam for when you sew your parts together, so that your finished piece looks professional. Another name for this is Mattress Stritch. Here is one way of how to sew an invisible seam. This will give your garment a neater finish, especially … Read more

The Best Counted Cross Stitch Kits

counted cross stitch kits

Over the years it has been very difficult for me to walk into a craft store and not come out with a few counted cross stitch kits. Then I regret it later because I lack the time to complete them, beautiful as they are. Last week I dug out my counted cross stitch flower fairy … Read more

Brother Embroidery Machine Review

brother embroidery machine

In this article, I will discuss the Brother Embroidery Machine and you can decide whether or not it is a good investment for you. This Brother Embroidery Machine is well priced and designed to be a machine for home use. If you are thinking of starting an embroidery business, you may be better off buying … Read more


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