Embroidery Sewing Machines You Will Love

embroidery sewing machinesHere are a few examples of embroidery sewing machines that can be purchased online. If you want to find out more about any one of them, simply click on the picture.

The wonderful thing about owning one of these embroidery sewing machines is that you can make some beautiful things for yourself, make gifts for friends, or even take orders and make money. There are always businesses looking for ways to brand themselves by using embroidery on things like towels, caps, bags, and t-shirts.

Embroidery Sewing MachinesEmbroidery Sewing MachinesEmbroidery Sewing MachinesEmbroidery Sewing Machines

What Are Embroidery Sewing Machines?

If you are wondering what the hell an embroidery sewing machine is, they are simply a special type of sewing machine that can create complicated and delicate embroidery on different types of cloth, fabric or even paper.

Embroidery software is used to create the designs, and often you will get ready-made designs with the machine. There are also websites you can buy designs from and some that you can get designs off of for free.

Because doing embroidery by hand is so slow, the development of embroidery machines has allowed for the growth of the home-sewing industry to soar. Now anyone can create designs that in the past were only done by hand or in factories.

Embroidery machines are expensive, but at least the supplies are cheap and can be found in any machine shop or fabric store. If you are planning to use it to make money with, your investment in one of the wonderful embroidery sewing machines on offer will be well worth it.

It does take some practice to master the art of making designs. The most common designs made on embroidery machines include animals, floral, religious, names, numbers, solemn and geometric.

The History of Embroidery Sewing Machines

Embroidery has been done for centuries by hand, but in about 1830 Joshua Heilman created a machine that could do elaborate designs. After this, a factory opened with twelve embroidery machines in operation.

These are some of the first machines that came out:

Cornely Machine

This machine first appeared in Switzerland in 1860 and is still used today.

Hand Machine

This machine was invented before the modern embroidery machine. However, the hand machine could only be operated by hand.

Schiffli Machine

This machine first appeared in the 1860s. It was the precursor of the computer as the Jacquard Punched Cards were employed by this machine. This machine allowed for the growth of the embroidery industry in the 19th century.

Nowadays modern embroidery machines are operated using computer software.

In the early 1980s, Wilcom Company introduced the first model to the market. The first model was operated using a micro-computer, unlike the Schiffli machine that is operated using punch cards. In the modern model, the design is digitized into the computer. In the succeeding years, models were developed and some machines even allow multi-users.

When you use an embroidery machine, you need first to create or download a design from your software file. If it is necessary, you can edit the design or combine it with an existing file. After the design is done, load it into the program, stabilize the fabric and click start.

The only supplies that you will need to create embroidery projects are the software, design files, fabric stabilizer, embroidery hoop, thread, needles and in some cases, bobbins.

If you love embroidery and have an embroidery sewing machine, you have the potential to create your own home business, because you can make wonderful things like:

Personalized Bags

Towels with designs on them

Kitchen cloths with beautiful designs

Personalized facecloths

Personalized baby blankets and many more exciting items.

There are just so many uses for embroidery sewing machines.

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