Alcohol Inking and Alcohol Ink Tutorials

alcohol ink tutorialsAlcohol Ink Tutorials

Below you will find some alcohol ink tutorials which are really useful.
Although alcohol inking can be a bit messy, the proffessional looking results you can get make the process both rewarding and worthwhile.

What is Alcohol Inking?

Alcohol inking is a great technique, as it gives your glossy cardstock that polished stone background look. Alcohol inks can also be used on metal, glass and other slick surfaces for the same effect. An added bonus of this technique is that each creation is guaranteed to be a unique piece of art.alcohol ink tutorials
Step 1:
Take a small block of wood and attach some Velcro to the surface. The sticky-backed velcro works best here.
Step 2:
Attach a piece of felt to the Velcro on the block. This is the perfect opportunity to use up your scraps of felt.
Step 3:
Add a couple of drops of ink to the felt and then dab it onto your glossy white cardstock. Backs of greeting cards can also be used if you are trying to save, or want to experiment first.
Step 4:
Apply the colors one at a time, re-inking the felt as you go along. Dab color onto your cardstock until it is completely covered and there is no more white showing through.
Step 5:
Squirt a little blending solution onto a new piece of felt and pounce it randomly on the surface of the cardstock.
Step 6:
Cut the page to size and use black embossing powder ink to heat-emboss the edges of the page if you prefer.
Voila, you now have a great looking background for your next scrapbooking layout. This scrapbooking idea and solution is great fun and can save you loads as buying the patterned paper is expensive.
Try making this specially created paper to make your tag book.
Here are some easy to follow alcohol ink tutorials you can watch:

Great Alcohol Inking Supplies

Below are some alcohol inking supplies that you can purchase with ease online. Check your prices, but sometimes it is both cheaper and more convenient to purchase crafting supplies online.

Click on the picture to find out more about the item.

Please comment below if you have any other ideas on working with alcohol inks.

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