Is Knitting Still A Thing Worldwide?

I was wondering to myself ‘Is knitting still a thing worldwide?’

The reason I was thinking about it is because I see fewer people knitting compared to a few years ago. So I decided to do some research on this subject.

So, just how widespread is the fascination with knitting in today’s world?

is knitting still a thing

The craft of knitting has woven itself into diverse cultures for centuries, but you might be curious to know if it’s retained its allure in the fast-paced digital era of today.

Spoiler alert: It has. There’s a thriving global community that includes people from all walks of life sharing patterns, techniques, and inspiration.

Online platforms have played a huge part in knitting’s sustained popularity. You can find out about virtual knitting circles, online workshops, and social media hashtags that have brought knitters together, regardless of geographic boundaries, simply by doing a Google search on the subject.

From bustling mega-cities where knitting serves as a meditative escape, to remote villages where it’s a traditional livelihood, the tapestry of knitting’s fan base is as varied as the patterns they create.

In recent years, even amidst the wave of technology, knitting has seen an uptick in popularity. Younger generations are picking up needles, eager to express their creativity and make a statement with unique, handcrafted items.

This isn’t just about crafting; it’s also about mindfulness and sustainability — keywords that resonate strongly with today’s eco-conscious and wellness-oriented individuals.

This revival of interest isn’t only limited to hobbyists.

High-fashion runways often flaunt knitted pieces, signaling that the knitting hype isn’t confined to cozy living rooms and quaint local craft fairs.

Large-scale textile manufacturers and boutique fashion houses alike are recognizing the value added by the rich textures and intricate patterns achievable through knitting—clearly, the craft is alive and stitching well in the fabric of modern society.

5 thoughts on “Is Knitting Still A Thing Worldwide?”

  1. Hi Michel,

    I really appreciated your article about knitting, though it’s not a hobby of mine, my mum has always knitted. I have memories of hearing her needles clicking away as she made a masterpiece.

    And today she continues making beautiful pieces for my niece, her granddaughter. Items of clothing that money simply cannot buy.

    I thought it was a skill that was being forgotten, but your article has made me realise it’s still very much a thing and many still love and enjoy it globally.

    It’s wonderful to see.

    Thanks for this article.

    Cherie :o)

  2. Your exploration of knitting’s relevance in today’s world is fascinating! As a knitting enthusiast myself, I’ve noticed a resurgence in interest, particularly among younger generations. Have you observed any specific trends or innovations that have contributed to knitting’s continued popularity? I’ve found that social media platforms and online communities have played a significant role in connecting knitters worldwide and sharing creative ideas.

    Moreover, your discussion about the therapeutic benefits of knitting resonates deeply with my experience. The calming effect and sense of accomplishment that come with each stitch are truly remarkable. Have you encountered stories or testimonials highlighting the positive impact of knitting on mental well-being? It would be wonderful to hear about these anecdotes. Overall, your insightful examination reaffirms that knitting isn’t just a hobby; it’s a timeless craft with enduring appeal. Thank you for shedding light on this wonderful art form!

  3. It’s fascinating how knitting has seamlessly woven itself into the digital era, connecting a diverse global community. The blend of tradition and modernity, coupled with a resurgence among younger generations, highlights its enduring appeal. The intertwining threads of mindfulness and sustainability further underscore knitting’s relevance in today’s eco-conscious landscape. The fact that high-fashion runways showcase knitted pieces speaks volumes about its cultural impact, transcending cozy living rooms to make a statement on a grander scale. The revival of interest extends beyond hobbyists, reaching textile manufacturers and fashion houses, affirming that knitting continues to knit itself into the fabric of modern society. Personally, I do have friends who are making a living out of their knitting job; I’ve seen the progress and it’s fully inspiring.

  4. Love this discussion about the enduring charm of knitting! It’s heartening to see that amidst the fast-paced world, the art of knitting not only survives but thrives. 

    The article captures the essence of knitting as more than just a craft; it’s a timeless tradition that connects generations. As someone who finds solace and joy in the rhythmic dance of needles, I can attest that knitting is not just ‘still a thing,’ but a cherished and ever-evolving expression of creativity and mindfulness. 

    The insights shared here resonate deeply, reminding us that the joy of crafting with yarn transcends trends and remains an enduring source of comfort and connection. 

    Happy knitting to all fellow enthusiasts!”


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