Metallic Rub Ons And Why They Are Great For Scrapbooking

Metallic rub ons tend to remind me of eyeshadow because they can be used to add shimmer and shine and even age to you or your artwork and scrapbooking projects.  Here are a few magical ways in which you can use these pots of magic.

What Are Metallic Rub Ons?

There are quite a few types of metallic rub ons and I have put pictures below of the different types. You also get metallic stickers and rub ons which are a great time saver.

The most popular types of metallic rub ons are a cross between paint and chalk, but they are made with a creamy base to give them shine.  They are available in palettes normally consisting of seven colors and can be used in much the same way that you would use chalks, although maybe not quite as often, as they are very blingy.

The colors can be used singly or blended together to create original themes for your scrapbooking pages or other artwork projects.metallic rub ons

Here are some examples that you can purchase online. Simply click on the picture to find out more.metallic rub ons The paint type rub ons are the ones I prefer, but you can use the sticker types if you prefer. There are beautiful lettering packs that you can purchase. The foil can also be used as a rub on of a different kind.

metallic rub onsmetallic rub onsmetallic rub ons

Ideas On How To Use Metallic Rub Ons

The easiest way to use metallic rub ons is by gently rubbing your finger over the surface to pick up the color, and then rubbing it onto your project.  You could also use a tissue or a sponge applicator for more precise work and blending colors together.

Metallic rub ons can be used on any medium, the simplest being cardstock and paper.  Slick or shiny surfaces will need to be sandpapered lightly first so that the color will adhere to the surface.

To give your project an aged look, try rubbing the color around the edges of the project.  If you like tearing techniques, the color can be used on the torn edge for a shabby but chic look.

A great way to use them, is on crumpled paper, as the folds can be highlighted with the application of a rub on.

You can also go around the edges of your matting with your metallic rub on to give them a pretty frame and accentuate your pictures.

Try using them on your embellishments.  Raised surfaces will pick up the color and accentuate the piece.  You can lightly buff the surfaces to make the effects more subtle and bring out the metallic sheen.  Metal embellishments work well for this type of technique.

Any painted surface will also work well with metallic rub-on, especially if the acrylic paint is used.

Try metallic rub ons on transparencies or vellum to add soft effects to your project.  Fabrics can also be used, as a light application will bring out the weave and texture of the fabric.  If you use a denser application of color, this will add an antique or aged feel to your layout.  You can also use rub-ons to calm down bright colors and bold patterns.

If you apply the color lightly to your project, it will generally stay fixed if you have rubbed it in properly, but for the more densely applied color you might need a light coat of sealant or fixative to preserve the vibrancy and to avoid the transfer of the color onto other surfaces.  If you are not sure, experiment with the color on scrap paper and press paper or rub your finger over it to see if the color comes off and whether it will require a fixative.

With foil metallic rub ons, they normally come in a kit with a special glue. You simply paint the glue onto your project in the design that you want. Once it has gone tacky, you put your foil face up onto the design and rub until it sticks onto the glue as you pull it away gently.  This art form is normally sold as Foil Art. The kit below is an easier version of foil art aimed at children. The glue is already applied and all that needs to be added is the foil in your choice of colors.

You should have loads of fun with this art tool as there are so many ways to liven up your layouts using metallic rub-ons.

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