How To Use Scrapbooking Rub Ons

Scrapbooking rub onsIf you want to learn how to use scrapbooking rub ons within your scrapbooking, then you are in luck. In this article, we will look at scrapbook rub ons and how you can use them within your layouts.

scrapbooking rub onsScrapbooking rub ons or transfers will bring both impact and quality to your scrapbooking quickly, easily and with no mess or fuss.

Scrapbooking rub ons and transfers have come into the scrapbooking and paper crafting industry in a huge way, as they provide a glue-free way of attaching pictures, motifs, and words to most types of surfaces.

Rub-on transfers have a smooth quality when placed on properly and will have no raised edges or messy glue smudges. If applied well they almost look like tattoos.

Best of all, when you use scrapbook rub ons you can even use them on curved surfaces. When you use scrapbook rub ons they remain durable, as long as you follow the on-pack instructions.

Most scrapbook rub ons are acid-free which make them ideal for your scrapbooking projects. Because most of them are totally opaque, you will be able to use them on any colored background.

The most popular form of scrapbook rub ons are lettering and messages. These are available in numerous types of faces and sizes, as well as upper and lower case lettering.  It’s easy to align the lettering neatly using the guides on the sheet, or you can cut the letters out and arrange them freely on your layout.

Alternatively, you could go for a whole sheet of instant messaging that is already embellished with sentiments. You should find something for every occasion from Christmas to Christenings to Birthdays.

I have a stash of different scrapbook rub ons in my scrapbooking drawer, as I always find somewhere that I can use them, and not even only on scrapbooking projects.

Where Else Can Scrapbooking Rub Ons Be Used?

Here are a few extra ideas:
  • Labeling for school books.
  • Labeling for filing systems.
  • As tattoos.
  • As frames around photos.
  • Rub ons stick to both wood and metal.
  • Card Making.
  • Decoupage.
  • Decorating items in your house.
  • Covering up cracks or disguising flaws.
  • School projects.

Amazon has many different designs available, just like the examples on this page.

Why not try ordering some scrapbooking rub ons online to save you time and money. If you want to see more, you can click on either of the two pictures on the site and you will be taken directly to Amazon where you can browse to your heart’s content.

 use scrapbook rub ons

You will also find loads of illustrations that can be used to feature in your work. Floral designs are fairly popular and rub ons can also be used for your card making projects.

You will easily find themed sheets for Xmas or any other special occasion you wish to use.

Decorative embellishments are also popular in rub ons. You can add rich and elegant flourishes with beautiful borders and corner designs that are inspired by graphics from the decorative art nouveau era. You can choose from plain black to bronze, silver or even gold for an opulent touch.

Scrapbook rub ons are even available in foil transfers, and you can embellish your work with immaculate and gleaming mirror finished wording and decorations with that slightly embossed effect.

When you transfer the foil, it will be sticky and tacky on top and you can then apply embossing powder or glitter for an extra special finishing.

How To Use Rub Ons for your Scrapbooking

Some will find this mundane, but a lot of people are not sure how to use rub ons.

First, you will need to remove the protective backing sheet from the scrapbooking rub on and decide on what you want to use. Carefully cut out the image and then replace the backing sheet onto the unused portion of the backing sheet to use another day.

Position your transfer onto your layout where you want it and gently rub over the top with a burnishing tool or blunt pencil to release the design from the sheet and transfer it to the surface of your project. Very carefully lift off the sheet, then place the backing sheet over the transfer and gently rub over it again for a durable finish.

You will see when the transfer goes through, as it softens and greys through the sheet. When you lift the transfer, make sure to do it slowly and if some parts of the transfer still stick replace and rub that section again.

Here is an example of a scrapbooking layout on which I used scrapbook rub ons. I love using the rub ons for lettering more and this lettering also had some cute footprints to go with it.

use scrapbook rub ons

Here is another example of how to use scrapbook rub ons. I did it with Tinkerbell and the flower motifs at the sides of the photo and at the side of the layout. I like letting some of the rub ons overlap onto the photographs.

scrapbooking rub ons

I hope I have inspired you with this post on how to use scrapbook rub ons, and you will grow to new heights in your scrapbooking.

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  1. Over the years I have heard of scrapbooks and always wondered what they were. It seems like so many people are into scrapbooking now. It seems as if this make a good hobby to get into. What you have here is tons of good information that will be a good help to your readers.

  2. Dear Michel Maling,

    Thanks for the informative post on How To Use Scrapbooking Rub Ons.

    I got new insights from your post and you explained in detail How To Use Rub Ons for your Scrapbooking with examples which is very helpful to understand.

    When I checked on Amazon… K&Company; Rub-Ons With Gems, Kelly Panacci Blossom Swirl and Words Remnant Rubs by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 5 x 7 Inches, 2 Sheets, Black/White, TH93055 are Unavailable please advice.

    Wishing you much success!


    • Thanks for stopping by Paul. 

      Sometimes the products sell out but hopefully Amazon will get new sock to sell of this product shortly. If you scroll down to the bottom they will show you similar products which you may like. 

  3. I like these scrapbook  rub on’s.  I use them to cover up flaws on my books or just to decorate other books I’m using.  I also use them to freshen up a book that’s looking worn.  It gives the notebook a new fresh look.  Do you think they would work on the cover of my computer tablets? Mmm…

  4. Hi Michel, I am so glad to come across this information. I do a lot of projects and the presentations and the folders could be enhanced with the use of these products. I have never thought of myself as an artist or a decorator, but these seem so easy to apply and they are ready made. I hopped over to Amazon and saw how easy it is to make them a part of my preparations. Thank you. Best wishes.

    • Glad to be of assistance JJ. Rub ons are great for art projects, decorating, even business presentations and they look so neat and professional.


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