Knitting For Profit Book – My Personal Review

knitting for profit bookIf you have ever wanted to learn how to turn your knitting hobby into profits, then the Knitting For Profit Book will be the ideal product for you.

I have been knitting on and off since I was six, and there is nothing more relaxing in winter than to sit in front of the TV at the end of a long hard day and knit a cuddly jersey or toy.

If you love knitting, would you believe it if I told you that you could make money from your hobby?

Just imagine being able to make money from something that you loved.  A few years ago, I did very well selling baby wear that I made, but I could have done a lot better if I had owned this book then.

If you are wanting to take your hobby to the next level, then here is a list of the things that I enjoyed the most about this EBook.

What Can You Learn By Purchasing Knitting For Profit?

  • Six proven strategies to make money with your knitting and crochet;
  • How to build a full-time business or even earn some extra cash part time;
  • What other successful knitters are doing to maximize their profits;
  • How to make money in the baby wear market;
  • How to make your knitted products stand out from the crowd and thus, make you even more profits;
  • Types of yarns – which to use and which to avoid;
  • Direct links to wholesale yarn sellers around the world to help you to save a whole lot of cash;
  • How to sell you products online, even if you don’t have a website. Knitting for Profit even shows you how to set up a presence online.
  • How to get a good price for your merchandise;
  • How to avoid color matching mistakes;
  • How to profit from knitting, even if you don’t make the merchandise yourself.

The list goes on, but the above items are what got me going.

And best of all, with starting a knitting business of your own, you could start out on a shoestring budget.

Here is another review:

“I would have quit if it wasn’t for this amazing book!”

“This is an amazing book! The strategies that are described in detail in the book are great and go through the processes of getting started in an easy step-by-step manner.

The amount of useful links in the book are fantastic and point you in all the right directions be it for buying yarn/wool or the little extra finishing touches to give you that professional look, or where to see what the latest fashions are for designing your own patterns.

I particularly enjoyed reading the real life experiences which just goes to show that it can be done and not to give up. I had reached a point myself where I wasn’t sure whether to keep going with my knitting and whether it was all worthwhile.

Liz’s book has done so much to reawaken my enthusiasm and to encourage me to get things started again and keep going, not to give up and achieve my goal.

Thank you so much for this book Liz”

Donna Taylor

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If you scroll down to the bottom of the website you will see how to benefit even more with six great bonuses, which weren’t there when I purchased the product a few years ago.

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12 thoughts on “Knitting For Profit Book – My Personal Review”

  1. Hi!

    I am interested to see the baby wears that you have knitted:) Do you have an online store I can browse? I see a lot in of knitted baby wears in Etsy and they really have a lot of buyers. Will this guide really help newbies to learn knitting? I am not very patient to knit but if the book really provides easy to understand instructions, I don’t mind peeking. 🙂

    • Sold the baby clothes years ago and only knit for fun now. You should at least know the basics of knitting to benefit from the book. Thank you for the comment.

  2. I came across your review from Google when I was searching for a gift for my Mother who is knitting daft. I have been telling her to try and make some money for a hobby that she spends around £3,000 year on just making things for people for free!

    I will be buying this book as I think she could definitely make some money from her knitting.

    Does this book apply for the UK as well as the USA?

  3. Hi Michel,

    This book is actually a great idea of a present to my wife, as we recently started to list her hand-made knitted clothes on Etsy, but we are doing this being kind of blindfold. I think the book might be a good guide for us. Thank you for posting this!

  4. Knitting is a really interesting hobby. For some people it may seem boring, but i’ve tried it once and it really is fun. It’s also relaxing.

    Changing knitting into profits is kinda weird when you first hear it but it looks awesome when you think deeply about it. My grandma is actually a natural in this, so i can actually turn it into profit :3 Well i admit that it sounds capitalistic

  5. Seriously? I know knitting is ultimately a hobby but for once, I never have thought of turning into a financial source.

    Well, you know what they say. Anything is possible. Seems to me with passion and relaxation in this case, it’s a great way to open up such business.

    And there’s more benefits other than making money like having your finger and hand workout, a healthy exercise? You bet.

  6. Can you order this addi express knitting machine from where or can I call them through the united states. Please reply thank tou.

    Have a beautiful evening.

  7. Hi Michel: I am a man who has been knitting since I was 12 years young, and I am still young at 60. I started crocheting when I was 6. Yes, I have been knitting and crocheting that long, and I do both in public. I figure that if people have a problem with it – it’s their problem, not mine. I knit for my girlfriend, my family, friends, and strangers I don’t even know. Working on a knitted blanket for my grand niece at the moment and finishing up some decorative crocheted potholders for a co-worker tonight.

    Love your website. I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member and am working on a website right now for those who love yarn and love making things with yarn. It is just in the beginning stages though.

    I also purchased the knitting for profit book. Can’t wait to dig into it. Blessing and peace to you!!

    • Wow, a man that knits. I am impressed, even though knitting was mainly done by men in the past, I’m glad to hear that you are knitting up a storm.

      All the best with your site and may it grow from strength to strength.


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