About Knitting For Profit

My Name is Michel Maling and I live in Port Elizabeth in Sunny South Africa and this website is about knitting for profit and knitting in general.

About Knitting For Profit

I have decided to create a website about knitting for profit for those of you knitting enthusiasts who would like to turn their hobby into a money spinner.

I have been knitting on and off since I was six, and there is nothing more relaxing in winter than to sit in front of the TV at the end of a long hard day and knit a cuddly jersey or toy, especially in winter.

It is amazing how much one can achieve while watching TV. I used to churn out at least two garments a winter in this way.

about knitting for profit

I aim to cover topics about knitting for profit like:

  • How to build a full-time knitting business or even earn some extra cash part time;
  • What other successful knitters are doing to maximize their profits;
  • How to make money in the baby wear market;
  • How to make your knitted products stand out from the crowd and thus make you even more profits;
  • Types of yarns – which to use and which to avoid;Direct links to wholesale yarn sellers around the world to help you to save a whole lot of cash;
  • How to sell your products online.
  • Easy knitting patterns
  • Easy knitting stitches
  • Reviews on knitting machines to make garments at super speed
  • Loom knitting

The list goes on, but the above items are what got me going.  Best of all, with a knitting business, you could start out on a shoe string budget and at your own pace.

I am in the process of building out this website in-between running a busy dance studio, but I will do my best to keep adding valuable content.

Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions about knitting for profit below.

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