About Knitting For Profit

Hello, Fellow Knitters….

This website is all about knitting and why more of us should explore this wonderful hobby.

My Name is Michel Maling and I live in Port Elizabeth in Sunny South Africa and this website is about knitting for profit and knitting in general. I will also be venturing out into other crafts, as I generally love creating things.

About Knitting For Profit

I have decided to create a website about knitting for profit for those of you knitting enthusiasts who would like to turn their hobby into a money spinner. Also if you are like me and just like to knit for fun, I hope you find some useful information that will help every aspect of your knitting journey as the site grows.

I have been knitting on and off since I was six, and there is nothing more relaxing in winter than to sit in front of the TV at the end of a long hard day and knit a cuddly jersey or toy, especially in winter. I used to knit and sell baby wear when I was younger and it is a time of my life that I remember fondly. I couldn’t wait to start knitting and creating each day and would get very frustrated when other things got in the way.

It is amazing how much one can achieve while watching TV. I can churn out at least two garments a winter in this way. A couple of rows a day is all it takes to make some marvelous creations.

about knitting for profit

On this website about knitting you will find:

Or else like me, you would like to make your own website like this one and learn how to profit from it, you can read all about how to do it with knitting or any other hobby you have by clicking right here.

On this website, I aim to cover all sorts of topics about knitting like:

  • How to build a full-time knitting business or even earn some extra cash part time;
  • What other successful knitters are doing to maximize their profits;
  • How to make money in the baby wear market;
  • How to make your knitted products stand out from the crowd and thus make you even more profits;
  • Types of yarns – which to use and which to avoid;
  • Direct links to wholesale yarn sellers around the world to help you to save a whole lot of cash;
  • How to sell your products online;
  • Easy knitting patterns;
  • Easy knitting stitches;
  • Reviews on knitting machines to make garments at super speed;
  • Loom knitting and much more.

The best part about having a knitting business is that you could start out on a shoe string budget and at your own pace.

I am in the process of building out this website in-between running a busy dance studio, but I will do my best to keep adding valuable content to help you on your knitting journey.

So Why Should We Be Knitting More?

I was recently knitting while waiting to fetch my daughter from dance class. One of the other Mommies sat down beside me and said, “I used to love knitting, but I am afraid people will think I am old if I knit in public?”  Whaaaat!

I felt quite sad that a twenty something-year-old woman didn’t feel she could be seen with needles and wool until she had reached the ripe old age of……I don’t know!

Funnily this is a stereotype that just doesn’t seem to want to die. Most people think that knitting is just a trivial time-filler for old ladies. Well, this is just plain insulting to those of us who do love to knit whether it be male, female or child and some rather awesome things can be achieved using some needles and a bit of wool.

Now because we can buy cheaper clothes, what is the point of knitting? It is not even worth knitting socks.

Well, that is not really the point for me, because whether you are knitting socks, toys or a high fashion garment, the process is so satisfying and self-fulfilling that only another knitting lover will understand.

Believe it or not, there are also a lot of male knitters out there, but a lot of them are too embarrassed to sit and knit in public, getting negative reactions from others. Somehow this hobby on a male is viewed as abnormal which is really strange.

Knitting is not just a time filler. It has calming effects and is a great stress release hobby. The repetitious nature of knitting stitches is enough to calm my busy brain before bed, and I always try to end my day doing something calming and creative. Some people meditate, I knit.

Most of us that do knit know enough about knitting to know that the history of the craft is complex and rich. Only within the past century has knitting been seen as something of a feminine thing and a trivial way to pass the time. Back in the middle ages, men trained for years to attain the status of Master Knitter and I don’t think that anyone would have made fun of their work back then.

So let’s restore the knitting hobby back to its former glory and see if we can make people crazy for it like they used to be.

Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions about knitting or knitting for profit below.

Keep On Knitting

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