Creating Online Presence For Your Business

creating online presence for your business

So you are thinking of starting that knitting business? Let’s look at creating online presence for your business. Creating Online Presence For Your Business I’m going to start with a scoop of common sense: If you’re running a knitting business, making an impact online is no longer optional. It’s where your audience hangs out, gets … Read more

Create A Business Plan For Your Knitting Business

create a business plan for

If you want to start a business and you need funding, you will need to create a business plan for whatever business you are planning on opening. When I first contemplated turning my knack for knitting into a business, I quickly realized that the warm, fuzzy feeling I got from creating wasn’t enough to ensure … Read more

Is Knitting Still A Thing Worldwide?

is knitting still a thing

I was wondering to myself ‘Is knitting still a thing worldwide?’ The reason I was thinking about it is because I see fewer people knitting compared to a few years ago. So I decided to do some research on this subject. So, just how widespread is the fascination with knitting in today’s world? The craft … Read more

The Health Benefits Of Knitting

the health benefits of knitting

Did you know the health benefits of knitting are plentiful? In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, finding ways to unwind and relax is more important than ever. While some turn to exercise or meditation, knitting is a unique and often overlooked therapeutic activity that can help ease stress and anxiety. Yes, you read that right! … Read more

How To Knit A Shawl

how to knit a shawl

If you want to know how to knit a shawl, this beautiful lacy shawl is the perfect project for you. It is the perfect gift to celebrate a birth and it is something that will be treasured for years as it is so pretty. The delicate lacy design is not too complicated and although it … Read more

Knitted Pixie Hat Pattern

knitted pixie hat pattern

This delightful knitted pixie hat pattern has earflaps for warmth. It is knitted in a variety of bright colors and is an ideal way to use up odds and ends of wool. The cute pompoms are of course optional. This hat is knitted in one main color, but there is nothing stopping you from adding … Read more

Addi Knitting Machine – Review Before You Buy!

addi express knitting machine patterns

If you have been knitting for a while, you would have no doubt heard about the amazing Addi Knitting Machine. What Is A Knitting Machine? A knitting machine is a device that is used to create knitted fabrics and clothes in a semi or fully-automated fashion.  Using a knitting machine of any kind is far … Read more


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