Want To Knit A Checkerboard Pattern?

knit checkerboard pattern

If you want to know how to knit a checkerboard pattern, you have come to the right place. The checkerboard pattern is a great one to practice and it can be used to make the most stunning bedspreads and baby blankets. How To Knit A Checkerboard Pattern The Gauge for this pattern is: 15 sts … Read more

How To Cast Off In Knitting – Written and Video Tutorial

how to cast off in knitting

In this article, we are going to look at how to cast off in knitting. Casting off in knitting is an important skill to master as a knitter because if you don’t cast off, your knitting will unravel and all your hard work will be wasted. How To Cast Off In Knitting Knitting is a … Read more

Knitting For Beginners – How To Start Your Cosy Journey

knitting for beginners

Welcome to the delightful world of knitting! If you’ve been longing to start your cozy knitting journey but have no clue where to begin, fear not! This article on knitting for beginners is here to hold your hand (or, shall I say, knitting needles) and guide you through the wonderful art of knitting for beginners. … Read more

How To Block Knitting The Easy Way

how to block knitting

Knitting can be a wonderfully relaxing and rewarding hobby, but once you’ve completed your project, it’s important to finish it off properly by learning how to block knitting. Blocking your knitting is one essential step in achieving a polished and professional finish to your knitted garment. Blocking helps to shape your knitted piece, even out … Read more

What Is Knitting Gauge?

what is knitting gauge

So, what is a knitting gauge and what are the factors that affect it.? Knitting gauge is important to learn about as a knitter. It is all about effectively measuring the stitches per inch and fixing your tension problems. Having a knitting gauge also helps you to choose the right materials for your project. This … Read more

Different Types Of Knitting – English vs Continental

different types of knitting

Did you know that there are different types of knitting? Should I rather say there are two main styles of knitting and I am going to make a study of both of them, even though I have always done the English Style. When I started this website a few years ago, I  found out that … Read more

Want To Knit A Gorgeous Scarf? Get Your Own Beginners Knitting Kit

beginners knitting kit

Are you wanting to try knitting and need something easy to start off your knitting journey? A scarf or neck warmer is the way to go if you want something useful. Why not try a beginner’s knitting kit to get you going on the right foot? With a beginners knitting kit, you will get everything … Read more

Cable Stitch Knitting And How To Do It

cable stitch knitting

What Is Cable Stitch Knitting Cable stitch knitting resembles a plait (in more complex patterns) or can look like a twisted rope. It all depends on the pattern that you decide to use. The simple technique of cabling (crossing one group of stitches over another) lends itself to many interpretations in knitting. It’s easy to … Read more


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