An Introduction To Brioche Knitting

brioche knitting

I only first heard about Brioche Knitting about three weeks ago, and since have been scrambling for more information so that I could try this technique out for myself. I found it quite a frustrating stitch to learn in the beginning, but now that I am getting into it, I think I am ready to … Read more

How To Control Tension In Knitting

tension in knitting

Even if you can’t wait to get started on that new knitting pattern, make sure that your tension measures up with this 3 step guide to help you to control your tension in knitting. Every knitting pattern has a tension guide, which is usually given using stocking stitch. This guide is the most important factor in … Read more

Basic Knitting Instructions For Beginners

basic knitting instructions

The basic knitting instructions that I will always remember are ‘in, over, through, out.’ This post may contain affiliate links. When I was a child and learning to knit, I remember my mum chanting these words to me, until eventually, my brain started chanting them on its own. As with learning to do anything, repetition … Read more

How To Knit Lace The Easy Way!

how to knit lace

If you want to know how to knit lace, I have a pretty simple way right here. No, it is not like the traditional lace you see in the picture here, but when you use wool to make lace it also has a really pretty effect. The trick when knitting lace is to keep the tension … Read more

Loom Knitting Instructions – It’s Easy To Do!

loom knitting instructions

If you are not sure how to start or even go about loom knitting, here are some easy loom knitting instructions and tips for you on video. Loom knitting is fun and easy, and best of all loom knitting is a lot faster than conventional hand knitting with needles! You can make many wonderful things … Read more

My Favourite Loom Knitting Video’s

loom knitting video's

Loom knitting video’s are really very useful when you are learning to do this sort of knitting, and luckily there are so many available on the internet that you can start off with. By following these video’s you will be knitting like a pro on your own loom very soon. Loom Knitting is very simple … Read more

Knitting Patterns Beginners Will Love

knitting patterns beginners

If you are just starting out on your knitting journey, then you will most probably be looking online for some easy knitting patterns beginners can use. There are many sources of knitting patterns beginners can use online, but sometimes it is better to have a book that you can open anytime and make a pattern … Read more


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