Why I Love To Scrapbook Buttons

Using scrapbook buttons or any buttons in your scrapbooking layouts is a great and cost-effective way to add character and interest to your scrapbooking layouts or artwork.  Scrapbook buttons make wonderful embellishments and accents, and they are often miniature and decorative works of art in themselves.scrapbook buttons

Buttons are available in endless types and variations to suit all sorts of themes.  They can be sophisticated or casual and are wonderful to use on all types of pages, artwork and scrapbooking layouts.  You can also use buttons from an item of clothing that belonged to somebody special.  A selection of family buttons is a great way to enhance a nostalgic theme.

Here are some more ideas and ways that you can use buttons on your scrapbooking layouts or even in your artwork.

Stitching Buttons to a Layout

This technique works well with paper or on fabric.  Start by laying a two hole button onto the page.  Push a needle through the holes and pierce the paper.  Thread the needle with cotton or embroidery thread and push the needle down through the one hole and up through the other.  Knot the ends of the thread on top of the button and trim the ends.  If you prefer, you could also knot the thread at the back of the page.

Attach a photograph with Scrapbook Buttons

In this technique, you can keep your photographs in place and frame it at the same time.

Position the photograph onto your layout and use a photo mounting square to hold it in place.  Attach the buttons one at a time.  Place a four-holed button just inside each corner of the image, and push a needle through the holes to pierce the paper.  Thread the needle and push it up through one hole in a button leaving a long thread at the back.  Push the needle back down through the diagonal hole.

Repeat this process with the other two holes to make a cross stitch on the button.  Knot the ends of the thread at the back.  Stitch on all four buttons in this manner. You could even use ribbon like the artist did in the illustration above.

Use a Button as a Miniature Photo Frame

scrapbook buttonsYou will need a flat button for this one, and one that is quite large.  Photocopy your photograph and trace the shape of the button onto your image.

Cut the photo out and fit it inside the rim of the button using tacky glue to hold it in place.

If the button has a shank on the back, push the shank into a thick adhesive dot.  If the button is flat, use a thin adhesive or foam square to attach the button to the layout.

Use Scrapbook Buttons to Decorate Tags

Thread the strings of a tag in and out of the parallel holes in a four holed button.  Next, slide the button down the string until it is in the place you want it.

Thread on as many buttons as you want and then knot the ends of the string.  You can attach your tag by stitching a button onto the layout and then hanging the loop of the tag over the button.

This technique can also be used to decorate plain string or thread that you use on your layout.

Using Buttons as a Frame

This is a very interesting way to make a frame around a photograph.  Find buttons that have colors in them to compliment your photo and then use them to make a frame around your photograph.

You can make it a single layer of buttons or even use lots of buttons and make a thick frame.  Make sure to use strong wood glue for this so that the buttons don’t come unstuck.

There are just so many ways that you can add scrapbook buttons to your layouts to make them interesting and fun.

Beautiful Scrapbook Buttons You Can Purchase Online

Simply click on the buttons that tickle your fancy. As you can see you can get so many different types of  buttons for all you cafty and knitting needs.

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Feel free to add your comments if you have any other ways in which to use buttons on your scrapbooking layouts.

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