Photo Tips And Tricks To Use With Your Scrapbooking

photo tips and tricksHere are some great photo tips and tricks to use your random photographs from last year and your scrapbooking skills in a 12 x 12 layout.

Photo Tips And Tricks For Those Random Photo’s

Sometimes, we have odd photo’s that are on their own, but not enough to do an entire scrapbooking layout on.  Here is a great scrapbooking idea and solution to use up those precious once off photographs.  This can also be done on a smaller scale for an 8 x 8 layout.

For this layout, you will need twelve photographs, that is one photograph for each month of the year.  This layout is designed to give your reader a year at a glance view, starting with January, and moving right through to December.   Each month will be represented by a block of cardstock or colored paper, with photos onto and an envelope behind to store memorabilia, relating to that particular month or photograph.

You will need 2 background pages, two more patterned or plain 12 x 12 pages which you will cut to 29,5 cm squared and adhere to the background pages.

You will also need titles or stickers to make up your title, ribbons, paper flowers, rub-ons and any other bits of memorabilia you may want to use.

Use your ribbon vertically on the outside of both sides of your layout a centimeter or two away from the edge.  You can then place another ribbon about 5cm away from this further into the page running parallel to the first one.  Your titles will go between the ribbons, so measure how big you want your title to be and ensure that it fits between the ribbons.

Your title can either be matted and stuck down or put straight down on your layout.  A good idea is to have one title running sideways up the page and the other with the letters the right way around running down the other side.

Next cut twelve 9 x 7cm blocks of cardstock and twelve 8 x 6.5cm of printed paper.  Stick the printed paper to the card stock.  Adhere 6 of these to the right side page and 6 to the left side page distributing evenly over your layout, with double sided tape leaving the top of each block open.  Embellish as needed or stick your photo’s cut to size onto the patterned paper.  If you don’t have 12 photographs, just decorate some of the pockets with writing, memorabilia or other sorts of embellishments.

Next, make twelve cardstock tags and twelve patterned paper tags that will fit into each pocket with the top sticking out.  You can use these tags for journaling or for additional smaller photos.  Use the plain cardstock tags for the month of the year labels, and the other as you choose.

You will be surprised at how lovely this 12 x 12 layout will look.

Hope you enjoyed these photo tips and tricks. For more scrapbooking ideas, click here.

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