Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas And Tips

Need some Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas to motivate you for the upcoming holidays?

Well, it is almost time to start getting into the Christmas Spirit.  Here are some Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas that you can use to get going with this year’s Festive Scrapbooking Layouts.

Christmas Layouts
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The colours that we think of at Christmas time are mainly red, green and gold, so make sure to include these in your Christmas scrapbooking layouts.

Great materials to use for your Christmas Scrapbooking are felt and velvet.

If you use these materials with the Christmas colors, it will add a richness and opulence to your scrapbooking layouts.

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Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas Using Felt and Velvet


Making a snowman as one of your Christmas Scrapbooking embellishments is so simple.

All you need to do is cut two or three white circles in felt and then join one on top of the other and decorate with a red velvet scarf, orange felt carrot nose, black felt buttons and eyes and a hat made from either felt or velvet.

Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree embellishment is great fun to make, and you can get the kids involved.

Cut out your basic Christmas tree shape in green felt, and then go mad decorating it in scraps of felt or velvet, or even things like glitter glue, sequins, beads or buttons.

Round Christmas Decorations

These are also great fun to decorate for the next family project.  Cut out your balloon shaped bases in various colours of felt and decorate as you like to make them look like decorations that you would hang on your Christmas tree. This is another project that the entire family can get involved in.

You could also decorate a paper Xmas tree with christmas decoration with photo’s of your family members on them. This makes a very attractive scrapbooking layout.


Gifts cut out in box shapes with your felt, and then decorated with velvet ribbon are effective embellishments to use with your Christmas Tree.

Fake Snow

I love those cans of fake snow that you spray on windows. Why not use on your scrapbooking layouts for a really special effect.

Make sure you practice first as you don’t want the spray to end up where you don’t want it, like on your precious photos.

Velvet Bows

Velvet bows make very pretty Christmas Scrapbooking Embellishments.  You can make miniature bows in velvet ribbon, or bigger bows that can be used to decorate your velvet and felt presents.

Santa Clause

You can make a Santa Clause out of felt.

First, find a simple template that you can trace, then all you do is add his white beard with either white felt or cotton wool, black belt and his face, which can also be cut out of light pink felt.

A small pom-pom at the end of his hat is also a nice touch.  Use a gel pen to draw in some facial features.

Check out these cute Santa hats on the right which you can use on lollipops or to decorate your layouts. They are also a wonderfully festive way to top your wine and champagne bottles for the Xmas table.

Holly and Ivy

This traditional Christmas foliage can also be cut out easily with velvet and lines and other details can be drawn in with a gel pen.

Velvet Ribbon Borders

Velvet ribbon is available in many different thicknesses, and can be used to make borders for your scrapbooking layout, or even to frame individual items on your layout to give your layout that special festive feeling.

Journaling and Headings

A heading for your Christmas layout will look great cut out in felt and decorated with velvet ribbon.  A thin ribbon wrapped around a felt letter looks stunning.

So as you can see from the above suggestions, with a little imagination you can’t go wrong making your own Christmas Scrapbooking embellishments in felt or velvet.

Christmas Wreath Embellishment

Try making a Christmas Wreath out of felt, or you can purchase the elements in this  kit to the right if you want to make life a little easier for yourself.

Buy A Ready Make Christmas Scrapbooking Kits and Embellishments

Here are some of the great kits and embellishments available online that you can find out more about simply by clicking on the pic that interests you.

If you have any more Christmas Scrapbooking ideas to add to the list, please feel free to add by commenting below.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas And Tips”

  1. These are cute ideas that I could use with the kids. I usually get frustrated with this kind of thing because I’m not the arts and crafts type of person. But the kids really love it. 

    Personally I would buy the ready made Christmas Scrapbooking kits, and see how it went from there. I think it’s a nice way to have a special memory for the kids when they get older. Thanks for the detailed post for people like me with ZERO creative skills. 


    • Believe it or not Kye, everyone has some sort of creative bone, it’s just a matter of finding the craft that’s right for you. 

  2. I have a 22 year old daughter who has just taught herself to knit stuffed mermaid dolls which she sells for extra money. Immediately I thought of her when I came across your site but I see you also have other arts and craft ideas topics. This is right up her alley since she is so creative and has tried her artistic hands and eyes with different mediums. She is not afraid to experiment and explore and your sight will inspire her and give her more ideas to get those creative juices flowing. I know she’ll love it. Great site.

  3. Great idea! I love the DIY part of it but will probably invest in a premade set. Christmas should be more about family and less about shopping. To make a scrapbook will involve everyone in the family and that to me is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. We are going to have so much fun this year!

    Now I wonder what else we can make ourselves for Christmas. Thanks for sharing these awesome idea.


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