Scrapbooking Gift Ideas You Can Use

scrapbooking gift ideasIf you love scrapbooking, then you will love these scrapbooking gift ideas, as you can create gifts for your family and friends and have fun at the same time.

The perfect present is one that you have actually made yourself. It just adds that personal touch and lets someone know that you appreciate them.

Gifts you can make by using scrapbooking procedures can be things like special cards, present boxes, mini booklets supplied with special pictures, or a framed collage.

Not just will you impress that special individual in your life with your skills, but it will normally be a special creation that they will be able to treasure forever. Here are a couple of interesting scrapbooking gift ideas for you to attempt.

Scrapbooking Gift Ideas

Mini Booklets

Mini booklets or albums can easily be made from scratch or bought from your craft shop made up already, so you will just need to include your pics. Mini albums make remarkable gifts for Fathers or Mothers day, a Grandparents birthday, or even a special valentines present.

They are quick to do, as you only put one or two photographs on a page and then decorate or embellish.

Present or Gift Boxes

Gift boxes that are decorated by you can be used to keep mementoes or jewellery in. You could possibly also fill a decorated present box by having special pictures or poems that mean something to the person that you are giving it to.

I once obtained a beautiful gift box that opened out concertina type with photographs and decorations of a special occasion we had gone to. It is something that I will treasure forever.

The Gift Of Creativity

Why not give them a new hobby to try.scrapbooking gift ideas

I for one would love to receive this awesome gift. It allows you to do your own album of special memories.

The set on the left comes with paper and embellishments included so they can create and scrap to their heart’s content.

To find out more about ordering a gift set like this, simply click on the picture.


Scrapbooking and card making methods are very similar and making cards is a fantastic method to make use of all your leftover scraps from your scrapbooking projects.

A homemade card is consistently more recognized than a bought one, and you will certainly save a packet.

Framed Pictures

A beautiful scrapbook page that has actually been framed makes a remarkable present. Grandparents always delight in getting picture’s of their grandchildren, so why not do a beautiful page of all the finest image’s as well as frame it by having a frame to compliment the decor in their homes.


A wonderful way to give a creative gift is make a collage of all your recipients favourite memories, and then photostat onto a card the size of a placemat. Laminate and voila, you have a placemat that can entertain you while you eat.


scrapbooking gift ideasAnother one of those beautiful scrapbooking gift ideas that can be made, is a wall clock. All you need to do is purchase the kit from your craft shop, and it usually comes with the mechanism to make the clock work.

Place the picture’s of your choice backing the face of the clock and embellish as you wish. All you need to do then is have the clock framed and there you have a unique and effective gift for someone special.

When you make somebody a present, make sure that if it is a clock or framed picture that it will blend in with the decor and colour scheme in their house.

It is no use providing somebody with a purple clock if their house is all done in mutual colours, or your clock might end up hiding up in a wardrobe for the rest of its life.

If you are new to scrapbooking and want to know how you can get started, click here.

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