Great Ideas For Knitted Christmas Gifts

If you like to make your own personalized gifts, here are some great knitted Christmas gifts that you can try out.

At this time of the year, we are starting to think of the festive season and what gifts we can give or create for our loved ones. In this article, I have included some quick and easy knitted Christmas Gifts and ideas that your friends and family will find really useful, and best of all they won’t cost the earth, just a bit of love and time on your side.

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Knitted Christmas Gifts

Knitted Mug Cosy

knitted Christmas giftsMug cozys are a great idea for a knitted Christmas present, because they are so quick and easy to make, and you can personalize them in any way that you like.

You could even purchase a plain mug and then knit a cozy for it and give it as a gift filled with sweets or cappuccino sachets.

Here is the easiest pattern that I have found.

You can use any worsted weight yarn with size 8 needles for this one.

co 4 sts and k two rows.

Row 3: k2, yo (to make buttonhole) k2 (5 st total)

k 4 rows in garter stitch.

This makes a button strap.

The next row will be an increase row.

k 1fb on each st (10 sts total)

(For those who don’t know what K1fb means, the K1fb wants you to do an increase in the stitch. You will enter the stitch and Knit one but don’t remove the stitch off the needle instead then go through the back loop, knit into it and then let the stitch fall from the left needle. You should have 2 sts from that one st when finished)

Add one more increase row: K1, k1fb, k1, k1fb, k2, k1fb, k1, k1fb, k1 (14 stitches total)

All wrong sides: k3, p8, k3

Right sides: knit

Repeat these last 2 rows until your body is the desired length to fit around your mug.

Dec row 1: (k1, k2tog) 4 times, k2 (10 st total)

Dec row 2: k2tog all the way across (5 st total)

Knit 5 rows even.

Bind off.

The above way was easy as you just need to knit until the cosy fits around your mug.

With the next method you need to measure your cup in inches, x it by 4 then – 4 to get the number of stitches to cast on.

I tried an Aran yarn for this one.

co the required number of stitches.

Do three rows garter st then 12 rows in stocking st.

Do three more rows in garter st before casting off.

You can do any pattern you like to add interest, like eyelets or even strips in different colors.

Other Ways To Decorate Your Mug Cosy

Add an embroidered design to your cozy, like cross-stitch if so desired.

Sew on a button and attach the cozy around your favorite mug.

You could also decorate the mug cozy with bobbles. They are really simple to make.

co 6 sts.

How To Knit A Bobble

Work 8 rows in g st (knit every row)

Cut off the yarn leaving a 12cm end.

Thread the end through the sts, then use this end to work small funning stitches around the outer edge of the knitting.

Pull the yarn up to form a bobble and secure the end.

Do not cut the yarn, use the yarn ends to sew the bobble onto the mug cozy.

It is best to use 4mm needles and the yarn must not be too thick to make pretty bobbles.

Fingerless Mittens

People who love fingerless mittens make another great knitted Christmas present, as they can wear them and still get to do stuff with their hands without the gloves getting in the way.

There are many free patterns for gloves and mittens on the internet, in fact, you will be spoilt for choice. Just Google and see what comes up.

This book on the left is a great buy as there are 50 different styles to choose from including simpler variations of the mittens such as fingerless gloves and wrist warmers. So, even if you are an inexperienced knitter you can create some beautiful knitted Christmas gifts.

This collection captures the essence of these stunning folk patterns and shows how you can mix these traditional designs with your contemporary wardrobe.


Scarves are a firm favorite when it comes to knitted Christmas gifts.

I love knitting scarves as they are quick and easy and you can use any color and needle size that you like.

If you have never tried knitting a scarf before they are super simple to do and here is a video you can watch and follow along with.

You can even buy a scarf kit with all the wool included that you can knit up yourself. Here is a great example of one you can look at by clicking on the pic. This one is especially for beginners.

All the yarn and a pattern is included, but you will need to purchase the needles.

Knitted Toys

Knitted toys are always popular, and once again you can get a lot of free patterns on the internet.

I myself always prefer to have something tangible that I can refer to over and over without having to try and find that internet video again or try and find that same pattern, but the website has closed down.  This is a lovely book to own and you can churn out those knits for all your favorite nieces and nephews.

This charming book contains over 30 fun, simple knitting patterns for a range of cute and cuddly toys.

Create simple playthings such as animals, cars, trains, fairies and cupcakes, and then try your hand at larger toy sets, including a castle under siege, an alien invasion, a prehistoric play-scene and a fairytale cottage complete with magical characters!

The book is suitable for knitters of all skill levels, and all the patterns require only small amounts of readily available yarn.

The book also contains a useful techniques section containing step-by-step instructions for the necessary techniques, including stuffing and sewing up figures, creating knitted eyes and i-cords, and all the embroidery stitches needed to create the facial features and details.

Xmas Decorations

Most people love a Christmas Decoration, and here are some wonderful books that you can purchase online that show you how to make some beautiful ones using your knitting skills.

To find out more about how to get the book, simply click on the picture of the book. These are a lot of fun to make.

You could also try your hand at knitting critters. You can read more about that by clicking here.

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