Chunky Scarf Knitting Pattern

Here is a chunky scarf knitting pattern you are going to love. It features a wavy pattern on one side and a textured rib on the other.

Because it is knitted in chunky wool with big needles, it knits up pretty quickly. The finished measurements are 6 inches wide and you can make it as long as you like, but the average is about 75 inches long.

Chunky Scarf Knitting Pattern

You Will Need:

Any chunky knit wool of your choice (5 to 6 balls 100g)

10mm knitting needles

Cable needle and yarn needle


11.25 sts and 13 rows = 4 inches in this wavy pattern


chunky scarf knitting patternCast on 17 sts and work the pattern as per the chart above or the instructions below. You can make the scarf as short or long as you like.

Row 1: (RS): K1,(p2, k1) five times, k1.

Row 2: (WS): K1, (p1, k2) five times, k1

Row 3: K1, (p1, RC) five times, k1.

Row 4: K1, (p2, k1) five times k1.

Row 5: K1, (RC, p1) five times, k1.

Row 6: K1, (k1, p2) five times, k1.

Row 7: K1, (k1, p2) five times k1.

Row 8: K1, (k2, p1) five times, k1.

Row 9: K1, (LC, p1) five times, k1.

Row 10: K1, (k1, p2) five times, k1.

Row 11: K1, (p1, LC) five times, k1.

Row 12: (k1, p2) five times, k2.

Rep Rows 1 – 12, as desired as these rows form the wavy chunky scarf knitting pattern.

The first and last stitch on either edge is knitted in garter stitch.

When working with the chart above read right-side rows from right to left and wrong side rows from left to right.

Weave in the ends to finish off and a wet blocking may be required to help the scarf lay flat.

Here is a lovely shawl pattern you can try.

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