How To Make Leg Warmers – Easy Knitting Pattern

How to make leg warmers is a quick and easy question and there are many ways in which to do this. You can sew them by cutting a length of stretchy material to fit snuggly around your lower leg and simply sew up the side seam, or you could knit a pair.

Personally, I prefer a cosy knitted pair as these tend to be far warmer.

How To Make Leg Warmers

how to make leg warmersHere is an easy knitting pattern for some ribbed leg warmers.

Leg warmers are the perfect sports accessory and will keep you warm while you exercise or even do your ballet class.

You can choose to either knit these leg warmers with two knitting needles or you can use a circular knitting needle to knit them.

You Will Need:

  • 2 x 50g balls of felted tweed yarn
  • 3.75mm knitting needles or 3.75mm circular needle which is 30cm long
  • Ring marker for circular knitting
  • Yarn Needle


21cm in circumference and 36cm long. (it is actually your choice on how long or short you wish to make them).


38 sts and 32 rows = 10cm over 2 x 2 rib closed.


You can get a comprehensive list of abbreviations right here.

How To Make Leg Warmers With Knitting Needles:

Using 3.75mm needles, cast on 82 sts.

Rib Row 1: (rs) P2, *k2, p2, rep from * to end.

Rib Row 2: K2, *P2, K2, rep from * to end.

Rep these 2 rows for 36 cm (or your choice of length) ending with rib row 2.

Cast off in rib.

Join the seam, then sew in the ends.

Make another leg warmer in the same way.

How To Make Leg Warmers with Circular Needle:

Using 3.75 circular needle cast on 80 sts. Place marker on right needle and join for working in the round, taking care not to twist the sts.

Rib Round: *K2, p2, rep from * to end.

Slipping the marker on every round, rep the rib round until work measures 18cm. Remove marker.

Cast off in rib.

Sew in the ends.

Make another leg warmer in the same way.

Knitting Tip:

You could also do this with a set of five double-pointed knitting needles, and divide the 80 stitches equally between four of the needles with 20 stitches on each needle. Then use the fifth needle to start knitting. Just remember to mark the beginning of the round.

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