Scrapbook Paper Piecing Patterns You Will Love

Scrapbook Paper Piecing PatternsIf you love scrapbook paper piecing or are looking for some beautiful scrapbook paper piecing patterns, then you have come to the right place.

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What Is Scrapbook Paper Piecing?

Scrapbook paper piecing is the art of using card stock and patterned paper to create your own scrapbook page embellishments.

Scrapbook piecing is generally another term for paper piecing and is a fun technique that is not difficult, but it does require some time and patience.

You will need a sharp small pair of scissors and a craft knife, as some patterns have lots of bits and bobs with small pieces to cut out. You can go from simple designs such as lettering with borders to more complex 3D creations. Marina Du Plessis’s books have the most beautiful scrapbook paper piecing patterns that I have seen to date.

For paper piecing, materials are cheap as you will only need paper to do this technique and for the 3D projects, some foam squares will come in very useful.

Where Do I Get Scrapbook Paper Piecing Patterns?

There are some wonderful patterns that you can use out there to make beautiful 3d pictures, which is why I couldn’t resist buying both of Marina du Plessis’s Creative Scrapbook Piecing Books. If you are interested in finding out more about the books, simply click on the picture of either of the books.scrapbook paper piecing patterns

If you are looking for creative scrapbook designs, these two books are just stunning and have the most beautiful designs for every occasion.  I originally bought the first one, and then loved making her projects so much that I added the second one to my collection as soon as it was published.

I have obtained many ideas and great templates from these books, and it is rather frustrating that I haven’t had enough time to try them all out yet.

scrapbook paper piecing patterns

This was my first attempt at scrapbook paper piecing.

My little girl of two at the time got really messy one-day eating chocolate ice cream and I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of her for my new scrapbooking project.

I saw my inspiration on page 180 of Marina’s book, as I just loved the picture of the ice cream sundae. This is the layout that I made using her pattern.

With scrapbook piecing, you basically build 3-dimensional shapes or figurines for your layouts. Doesn’t this sundae look tasty?

With paper piecing, you have to trace the pictures, and then cut them out and layer them on top of one another to get the 3-dimensional effect.

In Creative Scrapbook Piecing, all the pictures are already broken down for you, so you merely enlarge, copy, trace, and cut.  If you have your own picture that you would like to piece together, it is a little more work, as you have to trace the outline, then retrace all the various bits that you would like to layer above it.

You can do the same thing with the lettering and headings on your layouts.  By cutting out the letters for your heading and raising them slightly with 3D foam squares, you will really make it stand out on your layout.

The best way to make your 3-dimensional figurine is to first copy the template and then cut it out roughly.  Place the traced template onto the colored card stock of your choice and secure it with adhesive putty.  Carefully cut around the tracing, and then remove the copied templates and putty from the card stock.  Just repeat this process for all the pieces.

With scrapbook piecing, you can achieve stunning layouts with just a little more time and effort than normal.  It will be well worth while for all those extra special photographs in your collection.

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