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Counted Cross Stitch Kits and Why I Love Them

Over the years it has been very difficult for me to walk into a craft store and not come out with a few counted cross stitch kits. Then I regret it later because I lack the time to complete them, beautiful as they are.

Last week I dug out my counted cross stitch flower fairy that I have been working on (on and off) for ten years. I set aside an hour a night, and what do you know, I finished it yesterday. Now I can get going with the next one that I bought about five years ago.

This is her on the right – isn’t she gorgeous?counted cross stitch kits

I find the counted cross stitch kits such fun to do, but then life gets in the way. The fairy I finished yesterday was supposed to be for my daughter’s fairy room (I started it when I was pregnant with her). She now wants a One Direction room, so I guess I will use this one on one of her scrapbook baby pages.

If you enjoy cross stitch, it is really convenient to buy the kits. They come in just about any picture or theme you can imagine.

The best thing about the kits is that everything is included:

Embroidery yarn, Pattern, Needle, Canvas

So there is no hunting around for all the different colors you will require as they are all included in the kit. This makes the kits really convenient.counted cross stitch kits

This is what a counted cross stitch pattern looks like. (on the left)

It is all set out in blocks with different symbols representing different colors of thread.

As you can see I used a pen to mark off the blocks already done, otherwise it can get quite confusing.

You will also need an embroidery ring to hold your work firm as you do it.

Counted Cross Stitch Kits

Here are some gorgeous counted cross stitch kits that you can purchase online. Just click on the one you like to find out more about it. The ones below range from beginners to advanced, and if you are just starting out, I suggest you start off with something like the ‘take time’ kit. To find out more about the counted cross stitch kits, click on the relevant picture.

counted cross stitch kitscounted cross stitch kitscounted cross stitch kitscounted cross stitch kitscounted cross stitch kitscounted cross stitch kitscounted cross stitch kits
counted cross stitch kitscounted cross stitch kits

What is the Difference Between Counted Cross Stitch And Stamped Cross Stitch?

The pictures above are all counted cross stitch kits. You normally buy the kits with separate patterns like the one above to follow.

With a stamped cross stitch, you will buy the facounted cross stitch kitsbric with the crosses stamped on already. These are normally quick and easy to do like this simple one I made a few years ago on the right.

One normally buys stamped cross stitch in the form of tray or tablecloths, and they are also fun to do.

Here are some beautiful items you can get working on for your home. The images are already stamped onto the material, so there are no complicated patterns to follow, simply sew over the design. These are excellent for beginners.

stamped cross stitch kitsstamped cross stitch kitsstamped cross stitch kits

If you prefer to do your embroidery with a machine, then click here.


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