Let’s Make Some Knitted Cushion Covers

Two weeks ago I was taking a look at all my oddments of yarn and decided I needed to get rid of some of them. The result was that I decided to make some knitted cushion covers to match the blanket I had just completed.

knitted cushion coversAs you can see I took all my leftover yarn bits and made, I think, quite a useful addition to our couch for the winter.

How To Make Knitted Cushion Covers


200g of double knitting yarn in colors of your choice.

5mm knitting needles

Yarn needle

45cm x 35cm cushion pad or stuffing of your choice. I used leftover batting, but it isn’t as firm as I would like.


If you choose to knit this pattern in one color wool the pattern would look like this:

knitted cushion cover

However, if working in different colors, you could do in stripes or in whichever way you choose. Just remember to start the new color at the beginning of the row. Check that you have enough wool to knit the entire row, as knots in the middle of the knitting don’t look attractive.

If you want the strips to be matched to the same color at the back you will need to knit the two halves so that when you fold the cushion over the colors match, so reverse the second half of the pillowcase.

To start our knitted cushion covers you will need to cast on 74 sts.

K 9 rows for a border.

Now work in the pattern as follows:

Rows 1 to 8: Beg with a k row and work 8 rows stocking stitch.

Rows 9 to 16: Beg with a p row and work 8 rows in reverse stocking stitch.

These 16 rows form the pattern. Repeat them 9 times more.

Next Row: Beg with a k row, work 8 rows stocking stitch.

Next Row: Beg with a p row work 7 rows rev stocking stitch.

Cast off.


Lay the knitting flat with the right side facing on a flat surface and fold the top cast-on edge down.

Then fold the bottom up, overlapping the border with last half of pattern. The pattern should match at the side seams.

Pin the side edges and join the side seams, working through all three layers at the overlap.

Turn the cover through to the right side and insert the cushion pad. Work a row of running stitch just above the cast-on edge to join the border to the cushion cover.knitted cushion

For my knitted cushion cover, I chose to knit the two halves the same and then simply fold in half so that the colored stripes would match back and front.

I then overlapped the bottom edge slightly and stuffed with batting.

Looking at the cushion now, I realize I didn’t put enough batting in, as it has gone a little flat. The foam may have worked better.

But I must admit it looks pretty cozy on my couch alongside the blanket that I knitted a while back, and because I used the same wool leftovers they sort of blend together well.

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Please feel free to comment below if you have any other great knitting ideas to share.

knitted cushion covers

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