Advanced Scrapbooking Techniques That Beginners Can Use

Here are some ideas of Beginner and Advanced Scrapbooking Techniques for you to try.

Once you have been doing scrapbooking for a while, you’ll notice that when you look through your albums, you will see certain styles and techniques repeated, and it’s normally the scrapbooking techniques that you enjoy doing.

We all have our favorite scrapbooking techniques and those that we tend to repeat again and again, but the joy of scrapbooking is that no matter how much you use the same technique, you will never create the same page twice.

Each page of your scrapbooking album will be unique as it should be, even if you use the same technique on all your layouts.

Advanced Scrapbooking Techniques

Looking through my albums, these are my three clear scrapbooking favorites:

advanced scrapbooking techniques1. Puzzle Pieces

A few years ago I bought this wonderful little tool from our local craft shop that cuts your photo’s into puzzle pieces. I then enjoyed piecing together the photograph again and then matting it with the corner piece slightly away from the rest of the puzzle.

Another way to do this is to slice your images in random places and then join it leaving the pieces slightly apart. Make sure you are not using your original photos for this one.

2. Tearing

This is a very common sight in my album.

Almost every other page has something torn in the layout. I use this technique a lot to matt my photographs. I love the look of plain white cardstock framing a photograph with a ragged appearance. This works especially well with black and white photographs.

I also enjoy tearing out journaling for my layouts. Maybe it’s because the tear is such a fast technique and it has the element of surprise, you never really know how it’s going to pan out.

Some of my backgrounds have been torn in half and pasted onto a different colored cardstockadvanced scrapbooking techniques, which also can be very effective.

You will need to practice tearing first, as it can be a bit tricky.  You need to work out which way to tear your cardstock according to what type of edging you want.

3. Brads and Eyelets

Nearly all my layouts have brads or eyelets, or both. I invested in a punch tool, similar to this one a few years ago, and have really gotten my money’s worth out of it.

The punch tool is great for punching holes anywhere on your layout for your brads and also to set your eyes in place. A good tool will give you many different size holes, and also options to upgrade for embossing.

Brads and eyelets are handy little goodies that can be used in many creative ways. You can add embellishments or simply decorate your layout with them.

4.  Foam Squares

I use foam squares a lot as these give my layouts a 3D look.  You can use them to adhere elements to your layout that you want to elevate.

Elevating a photo now and then or even every second letter in a heading looks very effective and gives your layout more depth.

5. Weaving

Weaving is another one of those advanced scrapbooking techniques I love using but it is a bit finicky and takes time.scrapbooking techniques

I love using this technique on the edges of my paper. I simply cut thin or thick strips of card and then cut the cardstock I am working on in thin strips horizontally as far in as I feel like. Next simply weave the strips of paper in and out so that it looks like a basket. The sky is the limit with weaving.

You can find many stencils online to use as I did this one below for even more interesting weaving effects.scrapbooking techniques


It would be great to hear from other scrapbooking enthusiasts what advanced scrapbooking techniques they use regularly on their layouts.

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