Organizing Scrapbooking Supplies

Organizing scrapbooking supplies can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t keep on top of things.

As crafters, you probably know that the more stuff you acquire, the harder it is to keep it sorted and neat.

Crafters who are new to Scrapbooking soon realize that there seems to be an unwritten rule: ‘She who has the most stuff, wins!’

There is no real reason to have masses of supplies, although it is tempting with so many beautiful products available today. The temptation is often just too much, as I have found out the hard way.

This is when effective organization, idea’s and storage solutions come into play.

There is a difference between organizing your scrapbooking supplies and storing them.

Arranging, categorizing or dividing, help to organize your scrapbooking products, and help you to find what you want when you want it.
Storing means protecting your scrapbooking supplies so that they are safe, protected and accessible.

Some Notes On Organizing Scrapbooking Supplies

organizing scrapbooking suppliesOrganizing scrapbooking Supplies can happen in many different ways, but an easy solution is to organize by product type. This can be separating ribbons from fibers, beads from brads, and eyelets from snaps etc. This will make finding any of them much simpler.
Organizing by color is another way, for example, a box full of green fibers, beads and brads can make coordinating a green page a breeze.

The method or ideas you choose for your storage solutions will be personal to you and will depend upon how you craft and the types of products you own.

Basic tools are used so frequently, that it is a good idea to keep them close at hand. A tool roll or small toolbox from a DIY store is a great way of keeping everything together. A sturdy shoe box could be the perfect home for tools at no cost whatsoever.

Try to store pens horizontally, as this ensures the ink remains evenly distributed along the length of the pen. Cutlery trays work well to store pens, pencils, rulers, and knives. If wanting to store pens vertically, remember to stand them nib downwards to prevent leaks and drying out. Pot plant jars work well for this method of organizing scrapbooking supplies.

Stamps should be stored in clear plastic containers that hold the stamps flat, visible and protected. Heavier wooden blocked stamps need a more rigid plastic container. All stamps should be stored out of direct sunlight to protect the rubber.

Store bottles of paint or ink upright to prevent spillage. A household spice rack could be the perfect home for a host of bottles.

For all your other stuff, investigate things like shoe hangers, glass jars, and baskets.

Visit craft shops, as they often have the perfect storage solutions for all your supplies, but on the other hand can also be a little pricey.

Remember out of sight is out of mind, so keep things visible to remind you that you have them.

Having an organized craft space creates order out of chaos. This, in turn, can help you to make more efficient use of the time you set aside for your scrapbooking. After all, time is precious and can be better spent doing what you are passionate about, rather than hunting through your stash trying to find what you need.

More Inexpensive Ways of Organizing Scrapbooking Supplies

Here are a few items that may help you to keep more organized. These stationery organizers can be purchased online, and are great as long-term storage solutions. If you want to find out more about the item, simply click on the picture.

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