Alcohol Ink Art and Beautiful Adirondack Alcohol Ink Sets

You can do an internet search on alcohol ink art and find millions of ways to use alcohol inks as well as lots of useful tips that accomplished artists’ have put together.

My goal here is to hopefully pass along some practical tips and hopefully get you good quality alcohol inks to start off with.

The Adirondack Alcohol Ink Sets featured below are of great quality and at affordable prices.

I am not an alcohol ink art expert, but you have to admit that playing with alcohol ink is such fun. Try experimenting with alcohol ink art on some glossy paper to start off with.alcohol ink art

Firstly, What Is Alcohol Ink Art?

Alcohol ink art is the art of using the ink to create interesting patterns and effects on craft projects.

The alcohol ink dries fairly quickly and is used to produce an attractive shiny, metallic background or finish. Alcohol inks adhere easily to a variety of materials, many of which are often difficult to apply other mediums too.

While glossy paper provides the best results, this ink can also be applied to acrylic, plastic, metal, foil, glass, and many other non-porous surfaces.

Alcohol ink can be diluted with a blending solution or rubbing alcohol, or used straight, depending on the project you are doing and what effect you want to achieve. For instance, a blending solution adds a more subtle effect.

If you use a blending solution, the colours are more subtle, and if you use the alcohol undiluted the finish will be more metallic. The ink can also be applied to an applicator rather than directly onto paper.

Using small squeeze bottles, little dots of alcohol ink in one or more colours are placed on the applicator and blotted over the paper or whatever surface you are working on. Applicator pads or stamps are available for use or transparencies can be used instead for applying the ink.

Depending on the size and amount of dots, the effects will vary. Usually, it is better to use no more than two or three colours, as too many can result in a muddy-looking picture. The use of blending solution or rubbing alcohol will help encourage the alcohol ink dots to blend together more smoothly. This is normally sprayed or spritzed lightly onto the paper or surface.

When using a transparency for the background, a dampened cloth is used to wipe down the surface. This allows the alcohol ink to flow easily along the surface. Ink drops are then applied to the transparency and allowed to dry. Once dry, the background is ready to be embellished further or left as is.

You can read more on Alcohol Ink Art here.

Demonstration of Alcohol Ink Art

Here is a demonstration of a beautiful creation done with Alcohol Ink Art.

Adirondack Alcohol Ink Sets At Great Prices

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Before you start with alcohol ink art note the following:

Alcohol ink art can be really messy, so you need to protect your workspace. Cardboard covered with wax paper works well if you use rigid cardboard, like a cereal box. Do a couple of these as they come in really useful, and you can also use them to dry your alcohol ink art on.

If alcohol ink gets on any of your surfaces, it is virtually impossible to get off, so rather over protect, especially if you are working on your prized antique dining room table. Alcohol ink bottles also have little spouts which can leak if knocked over.

Always wear waterproof gloves on your hands, as the alcohol stains, and you don’t want to walk around with black hands for the next few weeks. Keep your gloves on throughout, until you have closed that last bottle and put the lid on that last pen. Don’t be fooled, even alcohol ink that looks dry usually isn’t.

Because alcohol ink goes a long way and you don’t want to waste any, always have a few things ready to ink before you start. Alcohol ink works well for making lots of things like cards, paintings, decorative features or backgrounds for your scrapbooking pages, etc.

If you don’t want to buy expensive alcohol ink to start off with, there are literally thousands of videos on YouTube on how to make your own using anything from food colouring to fabric dye.

Do not use your rubber stamps for alcohol ink art, as they will be ruined.



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