Caron Critters And How To Get Hold Of Some

If you are a knitter, you have probably heard of Caron Critters, and have maybe even tried a project or two.

Did you know that you can purchase Caron Critters online, and often at a fraction of the cost that you would pay in a conventional store? caron critter

The beauty of shopping online is that the selection is a lot bigger than you would find in a conventional store, as the online stores don’t have to pay rentals and have the space to store all the products.

What Are Caron Critters

Caron Critters are basically knitting kits that you can purchase that include everything you need to make a certain knitted project.

So, if for instance, you wanted to make a cute scarf with an animal character on it, the kit would include all the wool, stuffing and embellishments to make the entire scarf.  In most cases, some of the items on the scarves are ready made, which makes these kits ideal for beginners to knit. For instance in the dog scarf kit below, you only knit the scarf, and the paws and head are premade. All you need to do is sew them onto the completed scarf.

All you would need to purchase are the correct sized knitting needles if you don’t already have them in your kit.

Here are some cute Caron Critter kits that you can purchase online, simply by clicking on the link or picture of the product. You can also read more about knitting cute critters here.

Cute Caron Critter Kits

Caron Critters Black & White Dog Scarf Kitcaron critters

This cute scarf makes an adorable gift for any child, and what makes it more special is that you would have put in your time and effort to make it, which is something money can’t buy.

The kit comes with all the pattern, wool and the stuffing needed to make this gorgeous doggy scarf, complete with paws and a tail.


Caron Critters Brown & Tan Monkey Hat KitCaron critters


Knit this gorgeous monkey beanie for that little monkey in your life.

Any child would love to wear a hat like this. Both warm and impressive.


Caron Critters baby crown crochet/knit pink hat kitCaron critters

This cute beanie for babies comes in both blue and pink for the special baby boy or baby girl in your life.



Cute Children’s Black and Pink Owl Hat Knitting Kit By Caron CrittersCaron critters

This owl beanie is great for bird lovers both old and young.



Caron Critters baby Bunny Hat (Pink)Caron critters

Yet another gorgeous hat in the form of a pink bunny.



Caron Critters Baby Blue Bear Hat

This blue bear on the left is perfect for a baby boy. It’s also quick to knit up.



Caron Critters Baby – White Bunny HatCaron critters

This is another version of the bunny hat above, but in white this time.


Wonder Art kit Create-A-Critter (Tiger) – New In BoxCaron critters


This is Aunt Lydia’s Craft Kit.

A Wonder Art  and Great for a Christmas Gift.

No Knitting, no Crocheting and easy to make. Kit contains Aunt Lydia’s Polyester Craft & Rug Yarn Felt chenille stems and complete instructions.

Includes Pattern pieces. Kit does not include bleach bottle, glue and optional broom bristles for whiskers.

This one makes a great gift for the tiger lovers.

Caron Critters Childrens White With Green, Pink, Blue and Yellow Designs Hat Knitting Kit / 3 – 24 MonthsCaron critters

This gorgeous hat is lovely for both boys and girls.

Quick to knit up and also makes a great gift.

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