Selfie Scrapbook – Come On Ladies, Scrapbook Yourself!

selfie scrapbookHere is an idea for you.  Instead of scrapbooking others all the time, take some time to do a selfie scrapbook page.

This is the ideal time to take a look at your own life and reflect on what you have achieved thus far.

You need to do a layout of you, not only for yourself, but also for the people that you love, so they can also get to see the inner you. That’s why I call this post ‘selfie scrapbook.’

Why Do A Selfie Scrapbook Layout?

Most women love to be behind the camera lens and not in front of it, especially as they get older.

Well now is the time, and I would like to challenge all you women out there to do a layout that is totally devoted to yourself. It is not a selfish scrapbook layout, but a selfie scrapbook layout.

This layout must have recent photographs of yourself, and add some journaling in your own handwriting, describing yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly (well maybe not so much of the ugly).  Here on this page, you can allow yourself to be utterly selfish and yes you are allowed to brag.

Most of us will find this project extremely difficult to do, as you will think it feels like boasting or showing off, but in fact, it is an honest account according to yourself of your achievements, failures, loves and hates. Here on this page, you can let others glimpse something of the inner you, your vulnerabilities and passions, as well as your dreams for the future.

If you hate the photo thing, take some time, dress up and go to a professional for some photo’s that you can be proud of. If you don’t like the wrinkles, print out the photo’s in black and white for a softer effect.  Just remember that you are always going to be over critical of your own looks. Others who love you will think you are beautiful no matter which photo’s you use.

Use colours that you love on this layout, and choose embellishments that suit your personality. If you are soft and feminine, try pinks and lavenders. If you are an adventure lover go for browns and bright oranges, or if you are passionate why not try different shades of reds.

Maybe you could start your journaling with two lists on either side of the layout. It could be things I love and things I hate, strong and weak traits, or even share some secrets that nobody else knows about you.

Use some of your favourite quotes for inspiration. You could even put something in a secret envelope, like letters to each member of your family, or list the things you love about them, for them to read at a later date. You could even try hiding those old ID photographs that you always hated in there and have a good laugh over them in the future.scrapbook selfie

Secret compartments are also a great idea to keep special letters and tokens that you have received from your loved ones, and you can have access to them anytime you want.

There are a million ways to express yourself through your scrapbooking, and if you scrapbook yourself, it is the ideal time to do something for yourself, that both you and your loved ones will appreciate looking at in the future.

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