Why Do We Use Acid Free Paper For Scrapbooking

If you do scrapbooking of any kind, you have probably heard that you should be using acid free paper and products for your scrapbooking. What does acid free refer to, and why is it important, if at all?acid free paper

What Does Acid Free Paper Actually Mean?

When scrapbooking enthusiasts speak of acid free paper or even acid free products, they are referring to the pH level in the products. 7.0 and above is virtually acid free.

In order for a product to be labelled acid free, the active acids that are present have to be removed during the manufacturing process.

A good example of a product with acid in it is a newspaper.

If you look at an old newspaper you will see that the older it gets, the more yellow and brittle it gets. Scrapbookers don’t want this to happen to their creations over time, so that is why they opt for acid free paper or products for their layouts.

At the moment, because so many people worldwide do scrapbooking, it is really easy to get acid free products. You can buy them from any craft store, and even online. The only thing is, how do you trust the product when it says acid free?

There are ways and means to check if your paper is safe for your project.

How Do I Know If I Am Using Acid Free Paper Or Acid Free Products?

You can purchase a pH tester pen like the one on the left. This one is about $8. If you want to find out more just click on the picture. This is a very useful tool to have.

All you do is make a mark with the pen on the item you wish to test and it will turn a certain colour if acids are present and another colour if the item is acid free. Each manufacturer has its own colours, so you will need to read what they are on your purchase.

Another great product to have at hand is Krylon Make it Acid-Free or Krylon Preserve it. You simply spray the Krylon onto both sides of your item and it neutralizes any acid and also protects the item from becoming brittle.

How To Print Your Own Acid Free Journaling

If you want to print graphics for your journaling on your printer, most ink nowadays is acid free, just make sure you print it on acid free paper. Unfortunately, the colours do tend to fade, so it is better to print in black and white. If you want coloured fonts, use acid free pens and pencils to draw with or even colour in your printed fonts.

A beautiful set of acid free gel pens like the ones to the left are a wonderful addition to any scrapbooking kit.

Make sure to keep the lids on properly at all times and keep them upside down in a jar. I learned the hard way and all my beautiful pens dried out. For more storage solutions, click here.

Acid Free Paper And Produts You Can Purchase Online For Scrapbooking Purposes

Here are some great acid free paper options that you can purchase online. Simply click on the picture that interests you to find out more.

I think there must be something built into the human race that makes us want to preserve our memories for the coming generations. With the abundance of acid free products on the market today, you will have a better chance of your projects standing the test of time for future generations to look at.


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