How To Make Scrapbook Flowers To Brighten Up Your Layouts

Because flower embellishments are so expensive to buy for your scrapbooking, here you can learn how to make scrapbook flowers at a fraction of the cost.
Flowers are one of my favourite types of embellishments, as they make layouts look vibrant and full of life.  You can use them on so many different themes and layouts, and I like to sprinkle them around quite a lot of my scrapbook layouts, as you can see from the pictures below. I also love using buttons to decorate my flowers.
how to make scrapbook flowershow to make scrapbook flowershow to make scrapbook flowershow to make scrapbook flowers
Flowers work especially well for layouts of special occasions like wedding, or photo’s of little girls, or even photos on a spring or summer layout.
By using some of the ideas below, you can learn how to make scrapbook flowers and add some beautiful dimension to your scrapbooking layouts.

How To Make Scrapbook Flowers

Concertina Flowers

This involves cutting strips of paper and folding them concertina style and then arranging the strips around a button.  The smaller the folds the better. as the flowers will look prettier and more delicate.  To finish them off nicely, before folding the strips, Ink the outside edges.  This is another great example of why we should never throw our scraps away.

Dried Flowers

Why not collect some flowers from your garden or your next field trip, and press and dry them out.  You can even press them in small bouquets or arrangements to decorate your layouts.  Be sure that they are completely dried out before using them in your layouts and cover them with a plastic see-through envelope or put them in a shaker box so you can protect your surrounding photographs in the long run.

Cardboard Flowers

Using scraps of different coloured cardstock cut out basic daisy flower designs.  You can then ink the edges of the petals and layer the different colours on top of each other.  Place a button or a brad in the middle of the flower.  You can make the cut-outs the same size or different sizes that you can layer with the biggest one at the bottom and the smaller ones on top.

Circular Flowers

Once again, using those precious scraps, you can cut out small circles in different sizes.  Ink around the circumference and then crumple the paper circles.   For a more distressed look, you can also ink lightly in the creases.  Flatten your circles and once again layer the circles with the biggest one at the bottom.  Join them in the middle using either small buttons or brads.  This method works particularly well using patterned paper.
As you can see from the examples above, with just a bit of extra time and effort, you can learn how to make scrapbook flowers with ease.

If you want to take your flower making to the next level, this book might be just what you are looking for.

The Art of Paper Flowers makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful roses, orchids, tulips, and more–completely out of paper. There are thirty-five different flowers included in the book, and each pattern is accompanied by a complete list of materials required, step-by-step instructions for creating the flower, original paper-folding techniques from the author, full-size patterns, and colour photos for reference.

Throughout the book, there are interesting bits of trivia, myths, or folklore for each delicate flower. The book also includes a foreword by Rosie O’Donnell.

All the basic information is here in The Art of Paper Flowers for readers to make their own impressive paper flower bouquets. From mastering the skill of paper manipulation to achieving seamless glueing and colouring practices, you’ll make flowers look incredibly realistic. Whether you’re creating gifts, decorations for an event, scrapbooking, or home decor, The Art of Paper Flowers will have you arranging stunning flowers in no time!

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