Addi Knitting Machine Videos – My Pick

I know quite a few of you have bought one version or another of the Addi Knitting Machine, and just to help you get some ideas of how to use it, I have posted a selection of helpful Addi Knitting Machine Videos to give you some great ideas on how versatile this machine is.

Also, I am sure you are aware that this machine does so much more than simply make scarves and beanies, so I am hoping to inspire you with some new ideas for your knitting projects.

In case you have landed on this page and you are not aware what the Addi Knitting Machine is or what it looks like, here it is. You can click on the pictures below or the link at the beginning of this article to find out more about these versatile little machines.

Above is the Addi King Sized Version which is the latest model.

This is a picture of the smaller version, which has also been upgraded recently.

If you click on the picture above you can get both the smaller and the king sized version together for a discount.

Addi Knitting Machine Videos

This video demonstrates basic knitting using the Addi King Sized Machine.

I had to include this video as it is such a good one when it comes to getting started with the Addi King Sized Machine.

This one explains the casting on.

This one will give you some basic projects you can start off with on your Addi King Sized Knitting Machine.

This knitting machine video instructs you on how to make a flat scarf.

And this knitting video will show you how to make an infinity scarf.

This one will show you how to knit a sweater on your Addi King Sized Knitting Machine. I had to include it to show you just how versatile the Addi can be.

This one is a scarf with a variation.

This is a great one on how to make slippers. You can now make gifts easily for your family and friends.

And here are some really cute head bands.

And finally some tips for casting off with your Addi Express.

If you want to find out more about patterns and accessories for this machine, you can read this article.

I trust you have enjoyed my selection of my favorite Addi Knitting Machine Videos all in one place for your convenience.

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