addi express knitting machine patterns

Addi Express Knitting Machine Patterns and Accessories

addi express knitting machine patternsIf you own an Addi Knitting Machine of any type, you will obviously be on the prowl for ideas and addi Express Knitting Machine patterns that you can make on this incredibly versatile knitting machine.

Here are some books and patterns that you can purchase online. Quick and easy. If you want to find out more about the product in question, simply click on the blue link or on the picture.

Addi Express Knitting Machine Patterns and Accessories

 Winding Instead Of Knitting – New Instructions For The addi Express KingSize Knitting Machine

addi express knitting machine patternsThis book is actually a new set of instructions that was released in November 2015. It is in English and has great new addi Express Knitting Machine patterns for the Addi Kingsize Knitting Machine.

  • From summer sweater to child’s beanbag to a new winter hat – in this new book there are 31 wonderful new designs for the addi Express KingSize machine and for the whole family.
  • With beautiful pictures and detailed instructions, each design makes knitting fun – even for non-knitters and beginners.
  • 76 full-colour pages.
  • Great for non-knitters and beginners alike.
  • Every pattern has yarn type and brand used.
  • A customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars has been given for this product.

Addi Express Turbo-Knitting Book 2 Book 2 With Detailed Instructionsaddi express knitting machine patterns

  • Detailed Instructions and 16 Models for Easy-to-Do Knitting.
  • 48 full-coloured pages.

A word of warning with this book is that it only received a couple of good reviews.

Most people complained that the translation was bad and that it was difficult for beginners to follow.

 addi-Express Combination Technique Instruction and Pattern Bookaddi express knitting machine patterns

  • Socks and other accessories can be made quickly and easily with the addi Express knitting machine and knitting needles.
  • Find your inspiration with instructions for socks, felt slippers, accessories for young and old, large and small.
  • 57 full-colour pages.

Addi Express combination technique gets 3.8 out of 5 stars. This book is aimed at the smaller addi Express knitting machine and not the king-sized version.

If you do buy this book, make sure to request the English version, or they might send you the German one.

 addi Express Stopperaddi express knitting machine patterns

  • Use these stoppers on the addi Express Professional or the addi Express King Size to enable you to increase and decrease stitches on a flat piece of knitting.
  • This product comes in a pair.
  • This product, like the machine, is designed and manufactured in Germany to exacting standards and using the finest materials available.
  • Lifetime Guarantee from any manufacturers defects.

addi Express Hookaddi express knitting machine patterns

  • The addi Express Hook is a super accessory for all cranking fans. It’s especially well suited for working with the addi Express machines or for use with complex knitting and crocheting techniques.
  • If a thread has slipped, then you can use the hook to quickly put everything back in the right place, and with both sides of the hook, you can reach all of the threads in and around the machine. For example, you can use it to cast stitches on or off again – and it’s actually easier than with your fingers.
  • Made in Germany.

This product gets a 5 out of 5-star rating, as it is a must-have tool that makes working with your addi Express knitting machine patterns a lot easier. It is great for picking up dropped stitches, as well as removing stitches from the machine needles.

Addi Express Knitting Machine Replacement Needles 5 Pack

  • These are replacement needles for the Addi Express Knitting Machine and it is always good to keep a few in stock.
  • The pack contains 1 black needle, 4 white needles, and 1 red darning needle.
  • The needles fit both, the 22 or the 46 needle machines.

An extra pack of needles for your machine is a must have as you never know, although it doesn’t happen often when a needle might snap. There will be nothing more frustrating if you are in the middle of a pattern and you can’t carry on.

Addi Quick Hobby Turbo Needle Felting Machine 850-2

  • Supercharge your felting with the patented addi Quick felting tool; easily make accessories, ornaments, figures, and even felted shoes in the blink of an eye.
  • addi Quick Hobby Needle boasts a rapid needle insertion of 2,500 depressions per minute; fabrics and fibers like felt very quickly.
  • Materials: Steel Tip and Plastic Handle.
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany to exacting standards and using the finest materials available.
  • Lifetime Guarantee from any manufacturer’s defects.

If you would like to read my review on the addi Knitting Machine, click here.


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    • I would be very surprised if Amazon doesn’t deliver up there. I am in South Africa, and I can’t get one delivered here, so I am going to get them to ship it to my brother who stays in LA and then get it from him. This may be an option for you if you know somebody in the US, but I am sure that Amazon has a branch for Canada orders. Let me know if you come right.

  1. I have had my Addi Express for 2 weeks now. It’s the best. But now I have a problem. The row counter started skipping rows. I’ll start off good, the first 3 or 4 rows but then its skip to 9 then 12 then 16 and so on. So now I can’t get the exact count of rows I have done. Do the counter have battery?

    • Hi Juanita. As far as I know, the row counter is manual. I would get hold of the manufacturer and ask for a new row counter, especially if you have only had the machine for two weeks. I know they are guaranteed so it shouldn’t be a problem to replace.

  2. Hi I was hoping you can tell me where I can get a new handle for my Addi Kingsize as I have looked online and have looked everywhere for them Hoping you can help me

    Thank you Sandyjacobs13.

    • Amazon should ship to you there. If not Google Addi Express Knitting Machine and other options will come up. I had to get mine through another company online as I live in South Africa. Unfortunately, Amazon is the most cost-effective, so you may pay more elsewhere.


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