Why To Learn How To Knit?

Why to learn how to knit? That is what my daughter asked me yesterday so I think I am going to show her this article, and maybe I can change her mind.

Learning to knit isn’t just about creating loops of yarn; it’s a bridge to centuries of tradition.

to learn how to knit

Why To Learn How To Knit

This age-old craft has been adopted by diverse cultures around the world, each contributing its unique styles and methods.

There is a rich history woven into every stitch, and knitting serves as both a personal retreat and a connector to our ancestors.

But this isn’t just about knitting’s past; it’s also about its impact on you today. You need to understand that there are mental health benefits that come with knitting.

Imagine a cozy evening, the soft click-clack of needles, and the tranquil rhythm of yarn sliding through your fingers. This meditative process is known to promote mindfulness, relieve stress, and provide a significant sense of accomplishment after completing a project. It’s as if each stitch helps to knit together not only yarn but also the fragmented pieces of a busy mind.

In my opinion, the practical rewards of knitting are just as compelling as the mental ones.

Choose something that resonates with you—maybe it’s a warm scarf or a cozy sweater—and experience the joy of wearing something handmade.

You can always adjust your approach down the road, trying more complex patterns or experimenting with different yarns. But remember, your first attempt doesn’t need to be your last; there’s a lot of opportunity and potential in each ball of yarn.

When I was a teenager, I used to make quite a bit of extra pocket money knitting baby garments. Nowadays homemade knitted items are more popular than ever.

to learn to knit

Knitting also brings people together, fostering a sense of community that spans the globe and culminates in friendships that are just as warm and comforting as the items you’ll make. Click here to find out more about the Ravelry Knitting Community.

A lot is happening very quickly in knitting communities, from local yarn shops to vibrant online forums, and I don’t want you to miss a single thread. So as you can see, it is a brilliant idea to learn how to knit.

4 thoughts on “Why To Learn How To Knit?”

  1. Knitting has always been a part of my family’s tradition, but I never really grasped its value until recently. After reading your article, I’m inspired to take up knitting not just as a hobby but as a way to connect with my heritage. Your detailed explanation of the benefits, especially the therapeutic aspect and the satisfaction of creating something by hand, resonated with me. It’s fascinating how knitting can be both a creative outlet and a practical skill. The community aspect you mentioned is also appealing – the idea of joining knitting groups and sharing this experience with others. Your post has motivated me to start learning and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. Thank you for such an insightful and encouraging article!

    • Thank you Corey. I am sure you will enjoy the challenge of learning to knit as well as the therapeutic benefits that come along with it. Just be patient in the beginning as it is something that needs to be practised.

  2. Hello! I have had the pleasure of reading your post on Why to Learn How to Knit.  I note that very early on you point to the mental health benefits.  That is a point that I would not have thought of.  I can readily see how getting one’s mind off of the stresses of everyday life can have enormous benefits.  I’m a huge fan of the benefits of mindfulness and I think that your illustration of this is brilliant. 

    You then go on to explore the practical rewards.  My ex’s mother used to knit every evening after her work day was through. She made me a sweater one time and I absolutely adored it.  Not only did I like the design but it was warm, comfortable and cozy and I wore that thing until it started falling apart!

    Now a knitting community is not something I would have thought about either but, that too, I can see as beneficial and supportive to the participants.  A sense of community can contribute to a sense of belonging and allows for meaningful engagement among the participants.

    Wow. Now I’m a guy and I also wouldn’t have thought that content that revolved around the subject of knitting could interest me like it has. You have done a remarkable job creating this interesting and engaging content. Well done!

    Grant R


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