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Knitting Machines Beginners Will Love

In this post I am going to explore what knitting machines are best, and what types of knitting machines beginners will love.

When I was a child, I still have fond memories of my mother sitting at her knitting machine on a Saturday afternoon and knitting us all these wonderful creations. She was kept pretty busy knitting for four children and a husband, but it was fairly quick on her Empisal Knitting Machine.

knitting machines beginners will love
A Knitting Machine Just Like My Mom Had!

I even remember getting to choose the design on a card. The would then take the card and insert it into the machine, and we would watch fascinated as the machine magically knitted the pattern you had just specified.

When you are looking at buying a knitting machine for the first time, it is wise to shop around. If you are a beginner in knitting, you won’t want something too complicated, or you will give up before you even start.

Knitting Machines Beginners Will Love

When I look at the knitting machines available online today, I see that they look a hell of a lot simpler to use than the one my Mom had, and most of them are excellent for beginners.  Here are some examples below.  If you want to find out more about the machine, click on the picture of your choice.
The Ultimate Sweater Machine brings me back good memories, as it was the first machine that I bought for myself when I finished school. I created many beautiful baby garments on it, which my Mom would sell at work for me. If I sat all day I could normally knit up to two lovely garments. It was not as sophisticated as my Moms machine, but it was far easier to use and I would say, part of  the knitting machines beginners would love range.

The best part about the Ultimate Sweater Machine is that you can use the yarn straight off of the skein. My Mom would have to re-roll all her yarn before she could use it.




Tips for Selecting Your Knitting Machine

When selecting your knitting machine, you need to look at certain aspects carefully:

  • What do you want to knit on the machine. Different models use different hook sizes and yarn thicknesses. If you want to knit a hat, it shouldn’t matter, but if you want to do fine lacey work, then you need a machine that knits with thin yarn. If you like chunky sweaters, then you need to buy a machine where the needles are further apart and that knits with thick yarn.
  • Ease of use. The easier the machine is to learn, the more you are going to enjoy gettting started. If you are a beginner, don’t buy the most complicated and fancy looking machine. Start off small.
  • Price of parts. Some machines have parts that are sold separately, and you should make sure that you can afford these, should you want to upgrade your machine at a later date.
  • Try get recommendations, or ask online. Amazon has many comments and recommendation by the products that they sell. Just go to the product and scroll down. And the best thing about buying from Amazon is that they have free shipping and you can return the product if you are not happy.
  • Try not to buy a second hand machine, as most times you won’t be able to get parts for it.

Happy Knitting….


8 thoughts on “Knitting Machines Beginners Will Love

  1. Hi Michel,

    Your site looks very nice and the love the idea of the site that talking about knitting, I didn’t find that many.

    My wife started to knit about one year ago and she was terrible at first, but now she getting better, a lot better.

    I will recommend your site to her.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello, there,

    Thanks for writing such an excellent article, Knitting Machines Beginners Will Love. This Ultimate Sweater Machine is very interesting.

    I had never thought much about Knitting Machines, but I guess they do the job quite well.

    I have a friend that started with one of you mom’s type of machines and built an industrial empire.

    People should pay more attention to detail and hints. They are everywhere

    Once again, thank you so much.

    1. Thanks for storpping by. Yes it is those that pay attention to the small details that make a profit from knitting.

  3. Great website here I didn’t know that it was such a variety of knit machines out there. My mom and grandma still knit from time to time. But they do it the old fashioned way and it’s really time consuming for each of them. I’d love to get them each a knit machine. Any two do you recommend?

    1. If they have never owned a knitting machine it is best tho start off with an easy one like the sweater machine or the Addi. Loom machines are also very popular for beginners.

  4. My father is 81 and is legally blind. He can see a bit. He would like to find a knitting machine to make blocks for afghans. Any help anyone can offer will help immensely. I am really trying to find something for him to do in the winter months especially. Thank you for your time in advance.

    1. Hi Fran,

      It is wonderful that your father is willing to try something like this, despite his challenges. I would suggest something like the Addi King Size, which isn’t too expensive and at least big so that he can feel his way around. Also with the Addi King Sized Machine you can knit flat panels. Maybe he could buy a loom to try first by hand and see how it feels before laying out a lot of money, as it is the same concept. Best of luck.

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