Quilting Beginners Can Relate To

Quilting is one of my latest hobbies. I started this queen-sized blanket about three years ago and now that it is finally complete, I feel proud of myself. As this was my first attempt quilting, I feel this post on quilting beginners can relate to, with ease.

In order to teach myself how to quilt, I took out a subscription on the Art of Quilting, and each month they would send me enough materials to make a couple of squares using different techniques.

This was a fun way to pass the time. Some of the squares were more challenging than others, but I eventually got my eighty squares for my quilt completed.

The worst part was putting the batting on the quilt then running over each patch with the machine again to secure the batting inside the quilt.

I think the problem was that my sewing machine was a little on the small side to handle such a bulky blanket. If you do do this by machine, it is best to have a long-armed sewing machine.

quilting beginners

What Is Quilting Beginners Can Relate To?

The art of quilting beginners can relate to involves using a thread and needle to join or combine two or more layers of fabric, cloth or other flexible material together, to churn out a quilt. A quilt refers to a bedding variant that’s made of many layers and is usually made with a wide array of decorative designs.

The Quilting Process

During a standard quilting process, three layers are used. These include the top fabric or quilt, the insulating material, and the backing material.

A quilter may use his or her hand, as well as a sewing machine, to pass the needle and thread through all the layers, as well as bring the needle back.

The process of passing the needle through all layers and back is then repeated across the entire piece. Quilters may use a running or straight stitch, for producing quilts that may have either functional or decorative uses.

Quilting is done to make clothing, bed sheets, art wall decor, and a wide array of textile-based products as well.

In my case, I made each square separately using the different techniques demonstrated in the instructions.

I then joined all the squares with white strips of material in between each square.

The last part of the process involved laying a large piece of material out, laying the batting over that, and then placing your quilting on top and pinning the three layers together.

Sewing each square on the machine again to join the three layers took quite a lot of time, and the job probably would have been made easier with a larger sewing machine specially designed for quilting like the one below.

Hand Quilting Versus Machine Quilting

Hand quilting involves the process of quilting that primarily uses needles and threads, which are sewn by hand across an area of fabric, that’s to be quilted.

Hand quilters may utilize a frame or hoop, to help them hold together the piece of fabric being quilted.

Hand quilters can make one running stitch, or they may perform a rocking stitch, wherein one hand is holding a thimble, while the other hand is beneath the fabric piece pushing the needle back.

The third-hand quilting option involves performing four or more stitches before the needle is pulled through the cloth. This option is called loading the needle.

Machine quilting, on the other hand, involves the process of utilizing a sewing machine, to mechanically sew the pieces together.

With using a sewing machine, layers of fabric are stacked together, wherein they are laid-out, batted and backed out on a flat surface, and then pinned using large safety pins.

In machine quilting, a piece of fabric is moved through a sewing machine. In long-arm quilting, however, the long-arm machine is moved across the piece of fabric instead.

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A Bit Of History For Quilting Beginners

Quilting comes from the Latin word “culcita”, which referred to a tied or padded mattress.

The art of quilting was invented to manufacture thicker padded fabrics, which were best used for generating warmth, as well as for protecting the wearer against the elements.

The earliest evidence of quilting was discovered in Asia, and the earliest forms of quilted fabrics bore central motifs that featured animals, and also had a diamond-background that was quilted with a rough running stitch.

An archeological find in Egypt discovered paintings of people who were wearing quilted clothes, which was probably used for providing extra warmth during chilly desert nights.

Quilted clothing and other objects didn’t reach Europe until the 12th Century when Crusaders bought with them these items after their conquests in the Middle East and Central Asia.

The quilted material brought by the Crusades then evolved into fashionable pieces of male clothing during the14th and 17th centuries. Quilted doublets then became fashion statements in countries like England, Germany, France, and Italy.

During the American colonial period, quilting became a hobby, as well as a source of livelihood for working-class women.

Women coming from the wealthier classes, because of their fine needlework and designs, prized these items.

Quilting has been a centuries-old tradition in countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and South Pacific nations like the Cook Islands. The Ralli quilts of India and Pakistan for example, combine patchwork, embroidery, and appliqué, and are mostly given as gifts to their daughters on their wedding day.

Bangladeshi quilts, on the other hand, join together two or three pieces of cloth and are made out of worn-out clothes or saris.

Some Great Products For Quilting Beginners To Mess Around With

Quiltmaker’s 1,000 Blocks: A Collection of Quilt Blocks from Today’s Top Designers

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The editors of Quiltmaker magazine have compiled an extensive block collection that is sure to be a quilter’s best friend!

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