Childrens Knitting Sets, And Why You Should Teach Children To Knit

childrens knitting setsThere are many reasons why you should teach children to knit and of course many tools you can use like the cute children’s knitting sets you can purchase online as seen at the bottom of this article.

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Here are a few tips and guidelines to follow that will ensure both the children and the teachers will have fun learning to knit.

Why Should You Teach Children To Knit?

Many people and children are more tactile than they are mental. In other words, they learn easier, are better able to concentrate, stay calmer, and/or are better able to pay attention, if their hands are kept busy.

Some students will be quite disruptive in the classroom if their hands are not kept busy.  Knitting could be the answer here.

More reasons why to teach children to knit are:

  • Knitting teaches life lessons. Start something and follow through until it is finished.
  • Improve mathematical skills. Counting stitches, working out patterns, etc.
  • Knitting develops hand-eye coordination.
  • Knitting will develop a child’s creativity.

How To Get Started Teaching Children To Knit

Get off to a good start with teaching a child to knit by choosing a project that holds a lot of interest for a child. Don’t look for something that is too complicated to begin with. This simple beanie will do once they know the basic garter stitch.

Another idea, with the popularity of cell phones and IPads, maybe the children can knit up small cases for each. These can also be done quickly and easily.

If the child plays a musical instrument, perhaps he could try knitting a case for his flute or recorder, for example. If the child has a favorite doll, a poncho or blanket can be knitted.

The next choice to be made is yarn. Let the child choose, but make sure the options are all washable and non-shrinking yarns. You will want to be able to toss the finished project into the washing machine whenever it becomes soiled.

Also, a yarn with a tight twist to it will be easier for the beginner to knit without splitting the stitches.

Once the project and yarns are chosen, then the needles will need to be selected. Needle size always depends on the texture of the fabric you want to knit. For beginner knitters, larger needles, say size 5 and up, are the easiest to use. Also, the needles should be the shortest ones available.

If the child isn’t confused by a circular needle, a short one of size 8 or above is the best solution.

When the knitting session is over for the day, the ends of the needle can be twisted into a half-knot and in this way, no stitches will slip off the needles while the project waits for the knitting to be resumed.

The two main problems a child learning to knit faces is knitting too tightly, and splitting the stitches. Children are always perplexed when they finish a row and have more stitches on the needle than they started with. By carefully watching them as they go, and pointing out the problem, you can help them avoid this mistake, and them from having to pull out rows of knitting. This can easily discourage them.

The same is true of knitting tightly. Remind them that knitting is supposed to be relaxing, and pulling the yarn tightly tenses up your hands.

If you observe them as they knit, you can show them that moment right before they remove the stitch from the left-hand needle, when they can tug on their stitch and make it a bit looser.

Practicing, practicing some more, and paying attention to how it feels to knit, thereby ‘teaching’ your hands how it feels when it’s done right, is really the best way to get past these problems and become an ace knitter.

The joy on their faces when they’ve created something with their own hands is the reward for all those clumsy moments. For some more information on teaching your child to knit, click here.

Great Children’s Knitting Sets To Get Started With

If you are interested in finding out more about these children’s knitting sets, simply click on the picture or the link you are interested in.

 4M Knitting Art Kit

  • Learn a lifelong hobby of knitting to make gifts your family and friends will cherish for years to come with this beginner’s knitting set.
  • This fun and educational set includes plastic knitting needles, a detailed instruction manual, and enough yarn to make your own mini handbag, pillow, and iPod case.
  • Made using safe and high-quality materials, this product is designed to last.
  • Give the gift of crafting with toys and gadgets that foster curiosity and encourage scientific learning.
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up.
  • Challenge your child’s imagination with 4M toys and kits.
  • 4M educational toys cover a wide range of educational subjects and include science kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits, and more.

The only thing I didn’t like about this kit was the plastic knitting needles. I find it much easier to teach a child with metal or wooden needles.

Your child will need help with this kit from somebody who already knows how to knit.

 Children’s 1st Knitting Set

  • My 1st knitting set is ideal for children
  • They can design and create their own styles and accessories.
  • Includes – colored wool, plastic knitting needles, and easy to follow instructions
  • Suitable for 6 +

ALEX Toys Craft My Chunky and Funky Scarf

  • Make a cool scarf that will keep you warm on cold days.
  • A perfect journey or rainy day activity.
  • Child Magazine’s “Best Toys of the Year Award and the Parents’ Choice “Approved” Award winner.
  • Includes 2 wooden knitting needles, yarn, and instructions.
  • Recommended for children 7 years of age and older.

I loved this buy and the big wooden knitting needles make it so much easier for children to hold.

What’s in the box?

This beginner’s knitting kit includes multi-colored thick acrylic yarn, chunky wooden needles, and complete instructions to knit both a scarf and matching hat.

Teaches Techniques for Future Crafting

Using the included instructions, kids can learn how to make their own crafts for years to come. By showing how young crafters can use the included supplies, they’ll also form new hobbies and develop skills that they can bring to future projects.

Helps Children Express Individuality and Creativity

Children love fashion, and they can never have too many accessories to go with their outfits. With this kit, your child can use the included supplies to design their own clothes and express their individuality.

Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom – Make Your Own Pom Pom Hat And Accessories For Beginners (Packaging May Vary)

This Quick Knit Loom Kit is perfect for beginners or children to complete.

The loom provided will help you to create rainbow accessories easily with easy to follow instructions and a step by step video.

This children’s knitting set includes 90 yards of chunky rainbow yarn and 2 rainbow pom poms to attach to the hat.

This kit is designed to stimulate and encourage a child’s natural creativity.

Here goes to finding perfect children’s knitting sets for your child and making teaching children to knit a whole lot easier.

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