How To Knit A Chunky Hat For Your Baby

Here are instructions on how to knit a chunky hat for your baby. This hat is great for keeping out the cold and it is quick to knit up because there is no shaping. it is just a rectangle that is folded and sewn with some tassels to add a bit of fun.


This chunky hat will fit a toddler of 12(18;24) months. The actual size 44(47;49.5)cm.

Instructions in this knitting pattern are given for the smallest size with the larger size in brackets ( ).

How To Knit A Chunky Hat

how to knit a chunky hat

You Will Need:

2 x 50g balls of chunky yarn (pure wool is probably best for a babies sensitive skin)

1 pair of 5.5 mm knitting needles

1 pair of 7 mm knitting needles

tapestry needle


You will find a full set of abbreviations by clicking here.


13 sts and 17 rows to 10cm measured over st st using 7 mm needles.

How To Knit Your Chunky Hat:

Using 5.5 mm needles cast on 56(60;64) sts.

1st Row: (RS) *k1, p1; rep from * to end.

2nd Row: work as given for 1st row.

These two rows form the single rib pattern.

Rep these 2 rows 7(7;9) times more.

Change to 7mm needles and, beg with a k row work in st st for 22(24;25) rows.

Cast off and fasten yarn.

To Complete:

With the right side of the work together, stitch the side edges to form a tube shape.

Follow the ball band instructions, press the tube and place the seam at the centre back.

With the right side of work facing, stitch the cast off edges together, working in overcast stitches, working each stitch the same size for a neat finish. You can also use a blanket stitch to sew this edge.

Fold the ribbing in half to the wrong side and slipstitch the cast on edge to the last row of ribbing.

Sew in loose ends on the wrong side of the work.


Make Two

Hold your hand out flat with fingers together and wind the yarn around four fingers about 30 times.

Carefully remove from your hand.

Cut a short length of yarn and wrap it around the centre of the bundle and tie tightly.

Snip the loops at the end. If necessary trim the ends.

Securely stitch the centre of each tassel to the hat.

For a fun touch, you could do the tassels in a contrasing colour.

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6 thoughts on “How To Knit A Chunky Hat For Your Baby”

  1. Hi Michel,

    That’s a fantastic little hat and I thought it looked great on the dog too!!

    I really like how you have a “knitting dictionary” as well as a page that shows you how to follow a knitting pattern, as I’m sure many a new knitter is puzzled by knitting pattern terms/abbreviations when they first try to follow one.

    I see that your website is headed “Knitting for profit” – do you know how much a hat such as this one costs to make and also what you might be able to sell it for?

    Thanks for sharing

    Best wishes


    • Hi John,

      You could knit this hat up really cheaply and sell it for anywhere from $8. I have done it using scrap wool doubled up to make the yarn chunkier and it cost me nothing but a few hours of time.

  2. I have been wanting to knit a hat for my baby granddaughters but I am not sure about how to complete the project. With your easy to follow guide I can now knit that hat for her to wear out this winter. 

    Have bookmarked your website for easy access and shared with my social media followers. 

  3. This chunky hat for babies is very cute, and it looks nice and warm as well. I think that I am going to follow these great instructions from your article and knit it. My baby is only 6 months old though, do you think that It could fit, or would it be too big for her? I am going to change the color of the tassels. Thank you!


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