Alcohol Inking and Alcohol Ink Tutorials

alcohol ink tutorials

Alcohol Ink Tutorials Below you will find some alcohol ink tutorials which are really useful. Although alcohol inking can be a bit messy, the proffessional looking results you can get make the process both rewarding and worthwhile. What is Alcohol Inking? Alcohol inking is a great technique, as it gives your glossy cardstock that polished … Read more

Knitting Bags As Unique As You Are

knitting bags

Knitting bags are as crucial as needles are for knitting. Knitting bags make your task both simple, organized and portable. It is worthwhile to have a practical knitting bag which deals with your individual knitting needs. Tips For Choosing Knitting Bags Most knitting bags have special compartments for your needles, yarn, and so on. While … Read more

Chipboard Embellishments And Ideas For Decorating Them

chipboard embellishments

If you have some chipboard embellishments lying about in your scrapbooking kit, here is a great way to decorate them. Let’s presume that the chipboard embellishment is a flower, similar to the ones on the left. First, you need to decide on your colour scheme.  Paint the edges of the flower with the colour craft … Read more

Different Types Of Knitting – English vs Continental

different types of knitting

Did you know that there are different types of knitting? Should I rather say there are two main styles of knitting and I am going to make a study of both of them, even though I have always done the English Style. I only recently found out that there is also a different type of … Read more