Picture Cropping Software and Picture Cropping Tips For Scrapbooking

If you are looking for some great picture cropping software, try this one. As far as I can tell, this picture cropping software is free and it works really well. In fact, I am going to download it right now and try it out, although I already have a great tool for doing this in the scrapbooking software that I already use.

What is Picture Cropping?

Picture cropping is the art of trimming your pictures or photos to take out undesirable elements in the background or simply to make the picture smaller for your scrapbooking layouts.

Picture Cropping Ideas For You

As scrapbooking enthusiasts, we mostly know all about cropping our photo’s to fit onto a layout or simply cropping out undesired elements on the photograph. Imaginative cropping can add interest and remove distracting background objects. It could be as simple as cutting the corners or edges of the photograph into a pretty frame or slicing and reconstructing the entire picture.

These ideas can work on both picture cropping software, and on your regular photographs.  If you have a precious photo you want to crop, make sure you have a copy of it, or make a copy of the version you want to crop first.

A great scrapbooking idea is to cut the photograph in various places around the main focus in the image and then matt (stick) it onto card stock leaving gaps in the places where you cut it. In this way, the photograph will have a fresh perspective when you look at it, as it will be broken up, but you will still be able to tell what the photo is about and see the picture clearly.

You can crop your slices vertically, horizontally or at different angles for an abstract effect. Just try and cut in a way that complements the main subject in your photograph. This cropped look will give added impact to the focus in your photo. Before cropping in this way, think about how you are going to slice the photo and in what way you can enhance the photo. You could maybe try wavy slices for movement, or rounded corners for softness. You could also try arranging the segments into a shape to add definition to a themed page.

The slicing technique works better on larger photographs. Before you start to cut, draw the design on the back of the photo. Try making a square around your main image, and then drawing your lines radiating out from this central focus. Cut along these lines and reassemble the photo like a jigsaw puzzle to create the desired effect, then stick it to your choice of cardstock, leaving small spaces between each piece. You can tidy up any uneven edges of the photo by sticking strips of the cardstock around the sides of the photo.

If you have a tall slim image you could try and vertical segments down the side of the photo for a simple but effective result. If you want to emphasize the height of the image try sticking the vertical strips going downwards on the outer side of the photograph, or even adding a title down the side of the photograph.

For another scrapbooking idea, you could try using decorative scissors to cut your segments for even more interesting effects. Cutting your photograph like a jigsaw puzzle would also work well with this technique and you can even purchase a puzzle cutter template like the one below.

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