Embellishments in Scrapbooking – Using Jewelry

In this article, I would like to introduce some more embellishments in scrapbooking and introduce using jewelry to you.

If you need to purchase some jewelry, the set below is well priced and a great asset to any scrapbooking kit.

Wholesale Bulk Lots Jewelry Making Silver Charms Mixed Smooth Tibetan Silver Metal Charms Pendants DIY for Necklace Bracelet Jewelry Making and Crafting, JIALEEY 100 PCS

embellishments in scrapbooking
  • Material: Alloy, Metal.
  • Package includes 100 pieces.
  • Size: 0.28-0.98 inch (0.7-2.5 cm).
  • Exquisite and classical design charms. They can be used in all kinds of decoration.
  • Perfect for a necklace, bracelet, dangle, scrapbooking project, keychain, keyring, sweater chain, anklet, cellphone decorative accessories, scrapbooking etc.
  • Best choice for jewelry DIY.

As you can see you can buy cheap jewelry online like the charms above or you can also think of amazing ways to display all those unworn necklaces, broaches, earrings or family heirlooms you have lying about.

If you prefer to buy jewelry for your layouts, larger craft shops will also stock costume jewelry items specially made for scrapbooking.  

You could also hunt around in second-hand shops or jumble sales, where you will find plenty of bits and bobs that will make great embellishments for your scrapbook pages.

You can even use broken jewelry that can’t be worn anymore.

Embellishments In Scrapbooking – How To Use Jewelry

Here are some ways to use jewelry embellishments in scrapbooking:

  • Have you thought about using charms – the kind that you find on charm bracelets?  Just remove the jump rings with a pair of long-nosed pliers and you have very ornate ready-made embellishments.
  • Try using the closures or clasps from chains and necklaces like the ones below which can be purchased online.  They can be quite ornate and be attached to your pages using fibers, ribbon or embroidery thread.  They can also make a nice finishing touch as a closure on a mini booklet.embellishments in scrapbooking
  • Use your old chains to link your embellishments together on a page, or for threading through eyelets.  You can also obtain chains rather cheaply by buying them per meter in some stores.
  • Remove the backs from your old broaches with a craft knife.  Some of them are very pretty and can be used with a great appeal on your pages.  Remember you might need to sandpaper the backings to get them smooth so that they can lie flat.
  • Don’t forget about your old earrings, as these are small and by removing the backs they can be used in a multitude of ways.  The smaller ones can even be used in the same way you would use a brat.
  • Try experimenting by using paint and embossing fluid, or even try a little heat embossing with the appropriate colored powder to give your jewelry a different look.
  • Remember not to stick the jewelry directly onto your photo’s or the photo’s may get damaged over time if the jewelry has acid in it.

All in all, there are many scrapbooking ideas and solutions in which you can use your old and unused jewelry to add some sparkle and uniqueness to your scrapbooking pages.

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Please comment below if you have any other scrapbooking ideas and solutions in which you can use your old and unused jewelry to add some sparkle and uniqueness to your scrapbooking pages.

13 thoughts on “Embellishments in Scrapbooking – Using Jewelry”

  1. Hey!

    This was an amazing post! 

    You gave a great amount of ideas for me to try! I don’t know why, but I really love leaves and feathers and I found them there too in 100ps mixed package. Also the sea animal jewelry were super cute!

    Thank you so much for posting this one. I haven’t done any scrapbooks (yet), but I will definitely try these for bracelets! 🙂

  2. Hi there. I really found this post interesting and insightful. After reading this post over and over again, I am still struggling to understand the scrapbooking and how it works. How does the scrapbook pages work when trying to add jewelry. 

    I loved the charms, and wondered how you would use them in scrapbooking.

    • Hi Kehinde,

      Scrapbooking is merely a way of documenting your life or experiences in an artistic way.

      So instead of just placing your photographs in an album, you would make an artwork out of them, so that they tell a story for your viewers.

      It is a lot of fun, and pretty addictive once you get into it.

      Using old jewelry on the page can add to the story. For instance you could do a page with photo’s of your grandmother with some of her jewellery included so that you can remember what she liked to wear.

  3. Can one make a life savings via scrap booking? We have an old jewel box which was passed down to my wife by her grandma. We have always thought of how to make a fortune from it.

    From the exposure and lessons I have learned here, I believe we can make a whole bunch of charming ornamental pieces from the content of the jewelry box. Thank you for the tutorial.

  4. Hi Michel

    I’ve never heard of embellishments in scrapbooking using jewelries. A friend of mine here specializes in scrapbooking so I think I need to show her this post. Maybe she’ll have something to say about this. She also teaches people about scrapbooking and other things. 

    I guess I’ve learnt something new today



    • Glad to have opened your eyes to something new Sammy. You should try some scrapbooking – its really therapeutic.

  5. Thanks for sharing this article on embellishments in scrapbooking. I clicked on the link your post to check the jewelries, the silver jewelries are lovely and eye catching. Though I am not a fan of jewelries, I think I will buy these bracelets as they are affordable. I will follow the steps you posted as well in using jewelry. Thanks a lot for sharing. 

  6. What a great way to enhance the visual appeal of a scrapbook. Plus it shows off creative skills as well as add the sentimental value of the subject. Instead of being placed on a shelf or put away in a drawer somewhere to be forgotten, it can be proudly displayed for family and friends to enjoy. The same can be said for the old jewelry that has been relegated to the bottom of a jewelry case or dresser drawer.

    • You are right Glen, the whole purpose of scrapbooking is to have something interesting to show your family and future generations as well as friends what the past was like.

  7. Awesome! What helpful lessons I have learned here.

    So I can make some earnings through scrap booking? It is good then. Fortunately, we have an old scrapbook at home, in which our personal and some family memorabilia and photos are collected and arranged. I think is going to be useful to incorporate the old jewelry with the scrapbook. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.


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