Cheap Knitting Machines For Sale Online

If you are just starting out in the world of knitting machines, you might want to look at cheap knitting machines for sale online to start off with, as you don’t want to invest in an expensive machine and discover that you don’t enjoy knitting with a machine.

Most of the cheap knitting machines for sale online available nowadays are loom-type machines. Flatbed machines don’t seem to be as popular as they used to be, and in any case, they are the more expensive options. So in this post, I will focus on the loom-type cheap knitting machines.

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Cheap Knitting Machines

Here is an assortment of loom knitting machines at great prices that you can order online. These are affiliate links, which means that I will get a small commission if you decide to purchase anything at no extra cost to you the buyer.

Simply click on the link or on the picture to find out more about the knitting machine that interests you.

If you are ready to try a more expensive, but really good option you can try the Addi Express range. This is my top-rated loom knitting machine, and I don’t think you will find a better one on the market at the moment.

Remember that with Loom Knitting Machines you cannot adjust the tension. You may have to experiment with different thicknesses of yarn, as different machines work better with different thicknesses of yarn.

Most of these machines don’t have suction cups at the bottom, so you may need to hold them down with your left hand while you crank with your right.

If the machine does not have a starting and finishing needle for each row, it may be a good idea to paint the beginning and end stitch with some nail varnish so you can keep track of how many rows you are doing, especially if the machine doesn’t come with a row counter.

If you want to find out more about any of the knitting machines below, simply click on either the link or the picture.

Knitting Machine 48 Needles, Baiao Spinning Knitting Loom Circular Weaving Loom Knitting Board Rotating Double Knitting Loom Machine, DIY Portable Scarf Hat Socks Gloves Toys for Adults and Kids

  • Make your own scarves, hats, bags, sweaters, pillows, and even clothes with this nifty little machine in the fraction of the time that it would take you to hand knit.
  • The machine is made with environmentally friendly high-quality plastic.
  • This nifty machine is really popular and one of my top sellers as far as cheap knitting machines go. It has 48 needles and comes with a crochet hook, 2 hand pins, a wireframe, and 4 balls of wool.
  • This machine is so easy to use that a child can do it.

It comes with a row counter, which can be used for tube knitting mode. This machine can knit with many different yarn thicknesses and do straight as well as tubular knitting. The only con is that sometimes there are burrs on the stitch holders which cause the stitches to drop, but if you gently file these away and then the machine works just fine.

Thinner yarns seem to do better on this machine.

The crank could also turn a bit more smoothly, but for the price, it does the job.

22 Needles Knitting Machine Smart Weaving Knitting Round Loom with Row Counter, Knitting Board Rotating Knit Loom Machine Kit for Adults/Kids Birthday Gift (22 Needles)

  • This nifty little number can also make a wide range of garments, despite its size including scarves, bags, pillows, and gloves.
  • Can do flat or tubular knitting.
  • Knit up to 20 times faster than you do by hand. For instance, you can make a scarf in an hour.
  • Great for kids too.

Word or warning – tempting as it is, don’t rotate the handle too fast or the stitches will fall off.

Depending on the yarn thickness, you can make a diameter of about 24cms  with this machine.

The only thing I don’t like is that the suction pads don’t hold it firmly enough on the working surface. I also prefer a loom that allows you to add more stitches as this one limits you to smaller items.

Knitting Machine, Smart Weaving Loom Knitting Round Loom, Knitting Board Rotating Double Knit Loom Machine, 40 Needles Knitting Loom Machines Weaving Loom Kit for Kids and Adults

Quickly and easily knit your own fashion accessories with this 40 needled knitting machine.

  • Easy to use, even for children.
  • Great gift and ideal for a knitter who is a beginner.
  • Does tubular as well as flat knitting.

As with the machine above, do not turn the crank too quickly or you will lose stitches.

The thinner yarns seem to work better with this machine.

I have seen mixed reviews with this machine. Some have loved and others have returned it for a refund.

Kacsoo Knitting Machine, 40 Needles King Size Smart Weaving Loom Knitting Round Loom, Knitting Board Rotating Double Knit Loom Machine, Weaving Loom Kit for Sock, Hat, Pumpkin (Pink)

This machine is aimed at children and comes with a crochet hook, a hand needle, and 3 skeins of wool.

One can knit many things from socks to gloves to beanies.

The machine is made of high-quality plastic and is durable.

This machine works better with lighter yarns.

It has no row counter.

Knitting Machine Smart Weaver Knitting Round Loom Large Size DIY Hand Woven Knitting Board Rotating Double Knit Loom Star Cylinder Needles Knitting Machine Weaving Loom Kit for opportune 40 Needles An

Out of all the cheap knitting machines for sale online, I like this one the best.

It is a great size of 40 needles and knits just about anything that the above machines knit.

If you can spend a little more on your knitting machine and have fewer frustrations all around I strongly recommend the Addi Express.

Here is a video that compares cheap knitting machines to the Addi.

If you have one of these knitting machines in your possession, please comment below and tell us what you think of them.

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