Loom Knitting Instructions – It’s Easy To Do!

loom knitting instructionsIf you are not sure how to start or even go about loom knitting, here are some easy loom knitting instructions and tips for you on video.

Loom knitting is fun and easy, and best of all loom knitting is a lot faster than conventional hand knitting with needles!

You can make many wonderful things like scarfs, hats, sleeves, leggings, socks and many other things using loom knitting instructions.

Loom knitting has a history that goes right back to the 16th century when it was known as frame knitting.

William Lee of Calverton near Nottingham invented loom knitting and in 1589 he demonstrated machine knitted stockings to Queen Elizabeth I.

The story goes he invented the machine when he was a curate because the woman he loved was more interested in knitting than in him.

Loom knitting is much like the spool knitting we used to do as youngsters, just with more stitches. I remember spending hours with a cotton reel with four nails jammed into it making long chains of knitting to turn into mats for my dolls.

We are so lucky in today’s world to have loom knitting instructions online and we don’t need to wait for granny to show us what to do.

The Basics

To start with loom knitting, you simply knot the wool around the spool at the side of the loom and then wrap the wool in a counter-clockwise direction around each peg on the loom until you get back to the beginning. Then repeat this process so you have two stitches on each loom needle.

Next, you would take your hook and hook the bottom thread over the top one, leaving one stitch on the loom needle. This process is similar to crochet.

Then you simply rinse and repeat.  As you get better with a bit of practice, you get faster. Before you know it you will have your first homemade knitted item.

Loom Knitting Instructions On Video

This video will show you the basic loom knitting instructions as I explained above.

In this 24-minute video, you will learn the basics of loom knitting as well as how to make a beanie hat for yourself.

For more of my favourite loom knitting video’s, click here.

If you are looking to purchase loom knitting pattern books for more ideas, you can check these books out here.

Before long you will be an expert loom knitter, without granny’s help.

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