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Loom Knitting Books To Purchase Online

Loom Knitting Books

Here is a selection of loom knitting books that you will love and they are so easy to order online at the best prices from Amazon.

Big Book Loom Knitting

Big Book of Loom Knitting: Learn to Loom Knit

This Big Book Loom Knitting is very popular and also very affordable.

You can purchase it on Kindle for $11.39 and the paperback costs $15.30 as at the time of writing this post.

Knitting looms are amazingly easy to use, and they’re available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

All the basic instructions are here.

Look at the stylish and easy knits you can create–without knitting needles!

There are hats, wraps, blankets with sleeves, slippers, scarves, a felted tote, and mitts that convert to hand warmers. Kids will go mad over the sock monkey earflap hat and pocket scarf!

It’s a snap to find all the information you need because the projects include page references for the techniques you’ll use.

Dozens of photos show how simple it is to make all 18 of these exciting designs by Kathy Norris on round or straight looms!

More Loom Knitting Books


If you are interested in the history of Loom Knitting, then you will find this book very interesting.

It is available on Kindle for $1.99 and is an EXACT reproduction from the original book Treatise with illustrations on the art of loom knitting.

There is a section about the history of the knitting loom: comprising an interesting account of its origin, and of its recent wonderful improvements by J.B. Aiken first published in 1861. There are errors in the book, as it was published so long ago, but it is an interesting read none the less.

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