How To Knit A Heart Patch

This cute little knitted heart patch is great to use as a motif on clothing or for decoration. You could even use them as patches on knitted items to protect them. An idea is to use them on these knitted baby pants to protect the knees.

how to knit a heart patch

How To Knit A Heart Patch

If you want to know how to knit a heart patch, simply follow this pattern.

Using 4 mm ns and some 4-ply red yarn c/o 2 sts.

(If you are not sure what all the shortened words mean, you can find all the abbreviations that you need for knitting projects right here).

1st Row (WS): p.

2nd Row: K1, M1R, M1L, k1 [4 sts].

3rd Row: P.

4th Row: K1, M1R, k2, M1L, k1 [ 6 sts].

5th Row: P.

6th Row: K1, M1R, k4, M1L, k1 [8 sts].

7th Row: P.

8th Row: K1, M1R, k6, M1L, k1 [10 sts].

9th – 11th Rows: Work in st st.

12th Row: K1, M1R, k8, M1L, k1 [12 sts].

13th – 15th Rows: Work in st st.

16th Row: K1, M1R, k10, M1L, k1 [14 sts].

17th – 19th Rows: Work in st st.

20th Row: K1, SSK, k4, turn [6 sts] work on these sts only for the top of the right heart. Place rem sts on a st holder or a safety pin.

21st Row: P.

22nd Row: K1, SSK, k2 tog, k1 [4 sts].

23rd Row: P.

24th Row: SSK, k2 tog [2 sts].

25th Row: P2 tog [1 st].

Break yarn and thread through rem st pulling tight to secure.

With the RS of heart motif facing, join yarn to the sts held on st holder and work as folls:

1st Row (RS): K to last 3 sts, k2 tog, k1 [6sts].

2nd Row: P.

3rd Row: K1, SSK, k2 tog [4 sts].

4th Row: P

5th Row: SSK, k2 tog [2 sts].

6th Row: p2 tog [1 st].

Break the yarn, leaving a long end for sewing the motif into place. Thread yarn through rem st and pull tight.

You now know how to knit a heart patch.

Now you have a beautiful knitted heart patch or motif you can use in a variety of ways.

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