How To Knit A Cup And Saucer – Cute and Decorative

Here is a gorgeous knitting pattern I found on Etsy for you. I am going to show you how to knit a cup and saucer using this beautiful pattern by Amalia Samios. She makes the most gorgeous creations from small animals to elves to fruit. You name it.

The pattern I am going to discuss is how to knit a cup and saucer, teaspoon, and teabag. To support Amalia, I won’t be able to give you the entire pattern obviously, but you can purchase it here for a mere $3.50. I am having a lot of fun with this one. They are cute and small and make lovely decorations for a tea party.

So let’s make a few of them and have a tea party.

how to knit a cup


Cups: 5cm (2in) in diameter

Saucers: 9,5cm (3 3/4 in) diameter

Spoons: 7.5 cm (3in)

Teabags: 4cm x 5cm (1 5/8 in x 2 in)

You Will Need:

8-ply wool – 8 skeins in different colors of your choice, depending on how many cups you want to make. Each cup and saucer set could be a different color and then you will need grey/silver for the teaspoon and white and yellow for the teabag.

1 pair of 3.25 mm knitting needles

1 pair of 3.25 mm double-ended knitting needles

Darning needle


Some Notes On The Method

The pattern seems fairly simple, but I would not advise this for a total beginner at knitting. It has a lot of increasing and decreasing and is done in stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch.

When you start off with the teacup, you start off with 7 stitches and gradually increase with the most amount of stitches on your needle being 43 at one point. The handle is made using 4 stitches and knitting a cord with your double-ended needles.

When you start the saucer, you cast on 6 stitches and go right up to 95 stitches so this part will take a bit longer. Once knitted, the cup and saucer will be sewn together at the base of the cup.

The spoon is made very quickly as you have a minimum of four stitches and a maximum of 8 stitches and there are 31 rows in total.

The tea bag is also a very quick knit as you start with 4 stitches and go to a maximum of 8 stitches. There are 37 rows to knit here and it is doubled up when sewing it together. The cord is made by twisting the wool around itself and the yellow tag is made by simply casing on 5 stitches and knitting 6 rows in stocking stitch twice.

Even though it is not suggested in the pattern, I am going to sew my teaspoons and teabags to my cup, as this will prevent the small parts getting lost.

Something you may like to try is making an embroidery design on your cup and/or saucer.

You can get some embroidery ideas here.

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