Have You Tried A Dollhouse Building Kit Yet?

I am fascinated with doll houses, probably because I never owned one as a child. Many people build dollhouses as a hobby and if you want to try your hand at it, you can start with a Doll House Building Kit.

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The History Of The Doll House

If you have been building dollhouses for a while, then you have probably heard of Queen Mary’s Doll’s House. It is really the stuff legends are made of.

It was completed in 1924 for the wife of King George V, and it was a gift from the people. The scale was a perfect 1:12 (one inch to the foot) replica of many of the items found in Windsor Castle.

The bathrooms were fully plumbed with flushing toilets and even details like miniature toilet paper was not left out. All the light switches worked and famous painters provided miniature paintings for the walls. Even well-known authors wrote short stories and bound them in miniature. There were even miniature wine bottles in the cellar filled with the appropriate wines and spirits to match their labels.

This Dollhouse on the left is one that can be purchased in kit form and built. Tremendous fun and a great way to bond with your children.

If you are wondering why so much detail went into this doll’s house for a fully grown woman, it is actually only over the last century that doll’s houses were considered appropriate pastimes for children and they were only mass-produced after World World II.

The first dollhouse documented is believed to have been created by German cabinet maker, Johann Baptist Zängerle, in 1760. Zängerle, who specialized in miniature furniture, created the house as a gift for his daughter. The house was designed to be a replica of a real home and was made of real wood with carved details and miniature furniture.

Dollhouses grew increasingly popular in the 19th century, particularly in Europe, as a way of demonstrating wealth and good taste. They were often ornamented with fine details and decorations to match the styles of the time. Dollhouses were also used as teaching tools in the classroom, to teach children about the different rooms in a home and the functions of different pieces of furniture.

In the early 20th century, doll houses became increasingly popular in the United States. Manufacturers began mass-producing doll houses and doll house furniture, making them more accessible to a wider audience. Today, doll houses are a popular toy for both children and collectors. They range from simple, mass-produced models to elaborate, custom-made pieces.

This doll house can be mixed and matched with others in the series to expand your creations.

The history of making miniature homes that are furnished with perfect scale minuscule inhabitants reachers back thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians furnished the tombs of their pharaohs and religious leaders with miniaturized replicas of servants, furnishings, boats, livestock, and pets, in fact, everything that they would need to live comfortably in the afterlife.

However, the earliest known examples of the European form of the doll’s house didn’t appear until the 16th century.

These days instead of miniaturizing their own houses, like the aristocracy of the past, enthusiasts will often choose a particular theme or era which they will painstakingly re-create in period detail.

There are many choices, for example, the Victorian era, or a stereotypical 1950s home. You can even choose something more quirky like a haunted house, complete with spider webs, crystal balls, and a secret staircase hidden behind a bookcase.

The accuracy and attention to detail invested in some of these creations really do raise the profile of this hobby to an art form.

There are many dollhouse-building kits available online for you to choose from. Here are just a few examples. If you would like to find out more, simply click on the picture that interests you.

7 thoughts on “Have You Tried A Dollhouse Building Kit Yet?”

  1. Dollhouse building kits are my life and biggest hobby, but even I didn’t know that the German cabinet maker, Johann Baptist Zängerle, was the first one to be documented in 1760 haha! Did you know that you can still visit Queen Mary’s dollhouse, it is fantastic to see! Which scales are these doll house building kits in your pictures, please? thank you

    • Wow I would love to see the queens dollhouse.  I think most of the ones featured here are1:12 but I am not sure how accurate the scales are as some say the furniture is too small. 

  2. As someone who loves crafting and DIY projects, I found your article about dollhouse building kits to be very interesting. It’s amazing how much detail and precision goes into creating a miniature version of a house!

    I appreciate the breakdown of the different types of dollhouse kits, as well as the pros and cons of each. It’s helpful to know what to expect before investing in a kit, especially if it’s your first time building a dollhouse.

    Your personal experience with the Greenleaf Dollhouse Kit was also informative. It’s great to hear about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Your tips and tricks for building the dollhouse and adding personal touches were also helpful.

    Overall, your article has inspired me to try building a dollhouse myself. I will definitely keep your recommendations in mind when choosing a kit and getting started. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

  3. Hi Michel, thank you for writing this amazing article on dollhouse building kits! I did not know dollhouses could get so detailed, which really makes me want to try them out. I was really into Lego as a kid, and I’m still a big fan of architecture today, so I’m sure this is a hobby I can get into. Are there any doll house building kits for famous homes? I would love to try building a miniature version of something that exists in real life.

  4. Who knew the humble Doll House had such a history? I always thought it was something to just keep your kids entertained and just a fun arts and craft project. I had no idea they dated back so long or were ever good enough for a queen as it’s a child’s toy. 

    Yes, it is just so amazing how much detail and precision go into creating miniature houses. Overall, your article has inspired me to try building a dollhouse myself. I will definitely keep your recommendations in mind when choosing a kit and getting started. 

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience! I believe this article will spark interest even in people who never thought such a thing would interest them. Also, a great business venture/ idea for carpenters willing and ready to expand or try something different. Like who knew a doll house could be made and fully functioning? And now we know the first dollhouse documented is believed to have been created by German cabinet maker, Johann Baptist Zängerle, in 1760. Zängerle.


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