How To Store Kids Artwork And Prevent The Potential Clutter

Because most of us hate clutter, and because you want to keep all your children’s artwork, here are some ideas on how to store kids artwork in a more organized fashion.

How To Store Kids Artwork

This is a question that I hear a lot of mommies asking:
“What do I do with the tons of artwork that my children bring home?  I don’t really want to get rid of it, but it is a real pain to store it?” Please give me some ideas on how to preserve and store it.

how to store kids artwork

It always breaks my heart to throw away stuff that my child brings home from school, but if I had to keep all of it, we wouldn’t have space to move in our house.

Also once it is thrown away, do you really miss it?
For those of you who don’t like to throw stuff like that away, here is a cool idea.

Why not scan all those once in a lifetime precious artworks onto your computer.  This also works for bulky things that will be difficult to store, for example, bits of wool, knitting or pasta shapes.

Once you have scanned the items in, make a note of the date and make sure you back it up.  You can use an online photo-sharing website like Flickr to store the art, as long as there are no photographs of the children themselves.  In this way, grandparents and other family members can also view the artwork.

When everything is scanned in, then you can easily print these out to use in your scrapbooking layouts, or simply file in plastic folders. In this way, you will have far more flexibility as far as the sizing goes. Another option is to store it on a flash drive, then you can look at it on your PC whenever you like, without dealing with all the to store kids artwork
Your children will really appreciate the value that you give to their work, and you will be able to look back on them years later, and so can your children once they have grown up.  You could even create an album for your child of all his or her works as a gift for the future.
Hope this post helped you to get some ideas on how to store kids artwork and pictures that your children draw.  Please comment below if you have any other great ideas on how to store these precious pictures.

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