How To Knit Purl Stitch for Beginners

how to knit purl stitch for beginners

Here is a bit about the purl stitch in knitting and how to knit purl stitch for beginners. For more knitting for beginner videos, you can click here. What is Purl Stitch? If you do any knitting, purl is one of the most common stitches used in knitting patterns next to garter stitch. Purl stitch … Read more

How To Knit A Baby Pullover

baby pullover

Here is a gorgeous pattern for a baby pullover with a round yoke. This baby pullover is knitted in one piece without any side seams. The sleeves are knitted separately. Materials: 4 ply baby wool (50g balls) – 2 balls in color of your choice. One 15cm zip One pair each 3mm a 3.25mm knitting … Read more

D & D Professional Knitting Machine Review

professional knitting machine

The D&D Professional Knitting Machine is excellent for beginners and both adults and kids will enjoy using it. Now anyone can discover the pleasure of knitting in an easy way, and soon you will be pumping out your own fashionable designs in next to no time. The D&D Professional Knitting Machine is very similar to … Read more

How To Teach Your Child To Knit

how to teach your child to knit

In this article, I will give you some tips and ideas on how to teach your child to knit. Knitting, although some will say is old-fashioned, is actually very good for both the brain and hand-eye coordination.  It can also help your child to concentrate better, as learning to knit does require lots of concentration (and … Read more

Caron Critters And How To Get Hold Of Some

Caron critters

If you are a knitter, you have probably heard of Caron Critters, and have maybe even tried a project or two. Did you know that you can purchase Caron Critters online, and often at a fraction of the cost that you would pay in a conventional store?  The beauty of shopping online is that the … Read more

Cow Knitting Pattern – The Kid In You Will Love This One!

cow knitting pattern

It may not be something you have thought about a lot, but if you want to try this cute cow knitting pattern, here goes. The kid in you is going to love this and it is quick and easy to do. Suitable for beginner to intermediate knitters. How To Knit A Cow Knitting Pattern For … Read more

Different Types Of Knitting – English vs Continental

different types of knitting

Did you know that there are different types of knitting? Should I rather say there are two main styles of knitting and I am going to make a study of both of them, even though I have always done the English Style. I only recently found out that there is also a different type of … Read more


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