The Best Of Rowan Knitting Patterns

Are you a fan of Rowan Knitting Patterns? Did you know you can purchase a book with all their best patterns. If you are an avid knitter, then you will really appreciate having this book in your collection. You could also gift it to somebody special who loves to knit.

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rowan knitting patterns

Who Is Rowan?

Well, Rowan isn’t actually a person, but rather a company that was established in 1978. The company was started by Stephen Sheard and Simon Cocklin above a grocery store in a village near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England.

Initially they specialized in knitting kits and weaving supplies, but they wanted to produce knitting yarn which was both high quality and something that would be perfect for the hand knitting design trends at that time. They showcased natural fibers in a plain-box color palette and this is how lightweight DK yarn was born with 98 shades.

They wanted to provide yarns and shades that could be translated into timeless design, and these values are still the core of Rowan today.

The name Rowan was inspired by the beautiful shrubs along the banks of the Holmes River in Yorkshire. Yorkshire is an area of Britain that has deep textile heritage and traditions. As they have evolved, their logo has always had the Rowan leaves in it.

In 1979 Rowan purchased the Green Lane Mill in Holmfirth, and that was their home for the next fifteen years.

Their studio and ownership has changed a few times over the years but they are still in Yorkshire growing their brand and providing quality fibers over forty years later.

Rowan’s influence has become global and in 1985 they partnered with Westminster Fibers to take the brand to the US. They have now expanded to over 30 countries around the world.

In 1982, a chance meeting between Stephen Sheard and Kaffe Fassett steered Rowan in a new direction and that was creating designer projects for their growing number of followers.

Their first big success was a mail order kit which was shown on the cover of Woman & Home Magazine in 1983. This led to the Rowan magazine in 1986

Today they still use the inspiration of key designers, and Kaffe Fassett is the first amongst them. He continues to design incredible knits in his colorful style.

Their ultimate mission is and always will be to offer a selection of high-quality yarns paired with designer-led inspiration for their followers to both knit and wear.

You can see what type of patterns they offer by clicking here.

Most of the patterns on the website you will see are about four pounds. If you want to buy the entire kit it will cost a lot more, but I am sure you will agree the patterns are mostly stunning.

The Best Of Rowan Knitting Patterns

With the purchase of the book below you can get fifty Rowan knitting patterns for around $60 which is a huge saving.

The Best Of Rowan is a hard cover 192 page book and is a valuable addition to a knitter’s collection, especially if you like to create striking clothes. The book has 50 wonderful patterns that are sure to give your wardrobe an instant lift.

Rowan designs will appeal to the sophisticated knitter willing to put a good deal of time and money into creating striking garments.

In this beautiful collection of 50 of the best patterns to come from the famous Rowan design company, you’ll find luxurious garments from such designers as Kaffe Fassett, Annabel Fox, Kim Hargreaves, Jean Moss, Amanda Griffiths, Louisa Harding, and more.

The Rowan photography is superlative, the step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Rowan’s Greatest Knits is another book I managed to find online and showcases the best knits of the first thirty years. It was published on their 30th Birthday.

For some reason this one is slightly cheaper than the one above, but it only has 152 pages. The patterns in this one are a little more outdated, but they can be updated by the savvy knitter and the over sized sweaters of the eighties are thankfully back in fashion again.

Once again, Rowan Knitting Patterns is an essential addition to any knitter’s design library!

7 thoughts on “The Best Of Rowan Knitting Patterns”

  1. Wow! Now I want to learn to knit!

    I have always envied those beautiful patterns for knits. They can be so colourful and versatile.
    I love knits for the cosiness of the look and feel. Knits are never out of fashion! 

    Thank you for including the link to the Rowan catalogue. The photos are so pretty and the garments are worn as only the British can pull off. This alone is a great incentive. 

    I do remember the Rowan name from many years ago and they have stood the test of time. Nice that they are still here to supply our knitting needs!

    Your post has opened my eyes again to the beauty of knits. These days they are fully washable and can be thrown in the dryer. How convenient! Your links are fantastic and cover everything from getting started to advanced designs. 

    Thank you for bringing the art of knitting and the beauty of the garment to the fore.
    This makes me want to investigate further. I will be watching your posts! 

    Regards, Corinne

  2. I have knitted as a kid, when I learned the basics from my late grandmother. I have such good memories of her knitting beautiful sweaters, that I want to learn all over again how to knit. The Rowan knitting patterns seem like a fantastic book, but does it also show some beginner patterns? thank you!

    • Hi Lizzy. These patterns are more for advanced knitters but there are many books available with easier patterns in them that you can try first. 

  3. I love to knit, and always knit clothing for my friends and family, but have never been taught to knit pet toys. I have a puppy and a cat that love to play together, think I will purchase Rowan books to get pet toy ideas and knit them. I have thought about selling my work on Etsy but always change my mind as I think no one would like them and the price I set might be too much as they take a lot of work hours to make. I am going to share your pattern book ideas with my social media followers. 

  4. Reading your post has brought back a lot of good memories from when I used to watch my mom knit way back in the 80s. Since she still enjoys knitting for friends and family, I think the Best of Rowan might be the perfect holiday book for her. With so many beautiful patterns and designs, I know she would love it and that seems like a great deal as well. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll definitely bookmark your site for the future.


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