Best Gifts For Knitters

gifts for knittersIf you are looking for gifts knitters will love, then you may enjoy my favourite picks when it comes to best gifts for knitters.

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Gifts For Knitters

As a knitter and crafter myself, these types of gifts make the best and most welcome types of gifts to get.

If you give a gift that relates to a person’s hobby, then it shows that you have taken the time to search for something appropriate, rather than just handing out the normal bottle of shower gel or bubble bath.

Here is a selection of gifts knitters will love and are some of the best gifts for knitters that you can find to purchase online. To find out more, simply click on the link or on the picture of your choice.

3dRose mug_194452_4 I Knit What’s Your Superpower Fun Gift for Knitters Knitting Love Two Tone Black Mug, 11 oz, Black/White

  • White ceramic mug with black interior and for knitters
  • Image printed on both sides (I Knit what’s your superpower?)
  • Available in 11oz only.
  • Microwave safe, hand-wash to preserve the image.
  • High gloss finish.

Fill this one with needles, wool or even chocolates for that ideal and inexpensive gift for the knitter in your life.

Knitting Jewelry- Knitting Gift, Knitting Bracelet, Knitter Gifts, Perfect Gift for Quilters Knitters

  • Gorgeous jewelry for knitters.
  • This knitting bracelet has I love knitting charms on a silver-plated bangle bracelet
  • The bracelet is fully adjustable to fit a 6 inch to 8.5-inch wrist. It will fit most adult and teen wrists.
  • This is one of those gifts knitters will love.
  • Comes with an Elegant Velvet Jewellery Pouch.

The Knitter’s Gift: An Inspirational Bag of Words, Wisdom, and Craft

Passionate knitters know that knitting is more than just a craft or a hobby.

Knitting forms the texture and a background for their lives, binding them to their mothers and grandmothers who shared their great legacies; to friends and family who wear their homemade gifts; and to their fellow knitters. The Knitter’s Gift is an inspirational collection just for them.

Beginner and longtime knitters will rejoice as they read about:

  • A father who treasures the scarf made by his daughter decades earlier.
  • A PhD candidate who finds that knitting reduces her stress, and allows her to knit together her higher education with her craft.
  • A mother-in-law who makes peace with her daughter-in-law by creating a luxurious handmade gift.

Written and compiled by this best-selling author, The Knitter’s Gift is a timeless work that spans the generations and is a gift all knitters will love.

BEST KNITTING BAG FOR YARN STORAGE. Portable, Light & Easy to Carry- enjoy knitting/crocheting anywhere. Pockets for Accessories and Slits on Top to Protect Yarn and Prevent Tangling.

  • Now your favourite knitter can take their knitting projects wherever they go with this versatile knitting bag. To see a selection of bags for knitters click here.
  • This giant yarn holder is easy to carry with either the handle or detachable shoulder strap.
  • This is one of the best gifts for knitters because they can cut down on their knitting clutter, keep the family happy and their yarn in one place.
  • This yarn organiser is made of superior quality linen and lined with cotton and double stitched so it is durable and will last.
  • Large enough to store about 10 skeins of yarn so you never have to choose which project to take with you. With a diameter of 10.3” and 11.8 tall, it’s great for larger projects that require numerous balls of wool.
  • The yarn tote has 4 slits on top to prevent wool from tangling and allows yarn to be pulled at perfect tension. Slits are stiff enough so yarn won’t pull out and pets can’t get in!
  • Great way to stay organized, as the yarn drum has five pockets on the outside and two on the inside to hold needles, hooks, scissors, glasses, phone, patterns etc. Tools are easy to find and store and the knitter in your life will have everything on hand to take their creativity anywhere!

Funny Knitting Gifts…..

 Well, these mugs and socks just say it all, don’t they?

Hope you enjoyed this lighthearted article featuring gifts for knitters. Please comment below if you have had a crafting or knitting gift that you absolutely love.

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